Is there a complex mechanism in the body to regulate weight ?

Arguably if it is true,then what happens to calorie in and calorie out formula. Does carb or calorie counting is still purposeful? Then again calorie is a calorie.................. calorie holds. Good ? Does body changes calorie utilisation as per its need. 

Body has in place blood pressure regulatory mechanism, internal environment maintenance mechanism, so why not weight regulatory mechanisms. Only when this mechanism goes into disarray or is overwhelmed that weight gain or loss occurs.

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  • Yes there is. 

    Absolutely all animals on the planet with the exception of humankind (and the pets in their thrall) follow it. 

    It's called eating what nature intended and responding to satiety. If you interfere with the mechanism by eating the wrong things you will be raising your blood sugar and insulin will be permanently high making it impossible to lose weight. If your insulin is low your body will cheerfully access stored fat for energy.

  • Only human beings on the earth use food and sex for enjoyment. So tend to overdo.

  • dear patliputra,

    no living organism can survive

    with out limiting mechanisms.

    what doubt about it? biologists call it homeostasis.

    it is there everywhere.

    otherwise the organism perishes.

    these mechanisms were studied very extensively in physical  science systems first,

    and biologists just  adopted them.

    there are many mathematical doctrines about it.

    the essence of that somehow i can summarize as below:

    a rising parameter can be made to control and bring about a down fall

    in  the same  parameter[ in question].similarly a falling parameter.

    take the case :

    bs rises

    then insulin, causing -

    bs falls,  and  if it undershoots.

    then glucagon arrives from alpha cells

    bs rises.system closed.

    this system will wobble for a while and stabilize then.

    it is very simple to understand.

    no complexity involved.

    but if the conditions in it are out---

    such as the 'range' i mentioned  in my previous explanation , it cannot work.

    then disease.

    though plain and simple in cases like this

    it will be very complex and  beyond the

    capacity of our understanding, a torrent of mathematical equations will arrive --

    for instance keeping a rocket or air plane in its allotted trajectory.

    what is important is that  we should learn from books or websites written by big people  but in simple language!!!

    if i had gone to learn from net articles written by research papers i would have taken a hundred years  two hundred to acquire the petty knowledge i am in possession now, see the plight of some people scolding the ADA, WHO ,,,,,, .

    good luck.

  • Medicine is a very complex subject. We humans have still not understood it fully. There are some facts proven by the research on animals and scientific observations in humans. But for a major part it's theories. Nothing concrete there. Just conjectures and then research, right ot wrong.

  • Why not begin with purpose of eating energy in form of food.

  • It's all about residual insulin in blood that gets spiked up because of high carbs. So, at the end of the day, it's all about carbs, carbs and carbs. Insulin is also associated with a host of other health problems. Haven't seen any mainstream experts (ADA/Mayo/etc) ever make this a focal point. They have just been beating  around the bush with failed theories like calorie in/calorie out etc. and keep defending a diet which has been the cause of all major health problems starting with obesity.

    The day experts understand or ACCEPT this, solution isn't difficult. Industry experts and lobbying will have to be kept out of the loop during decision making, else no solution will ever work.

  • Insulin is simply a part of mechanism. Why do you forget , the role of leptin . The regulatory pathways in hypothalamus.

  • you are hundred percent correct ,

    for instance when bs falls

    glucagon just opens the tap at liver pouring glucose into blood.

    if this point in the cycle is impaired the person generally gets

    high  bs between meals or overnight glucose rise reflecting in high  fbs.


    if a river branches into two ,

    moving downward and you block one branch

    you will see a rise in water level in the other branch.

    muscles   not accepting  glucose means it floods in blood  like the river branch.

    the so called insulin resistance and then further insulin coming

    and liver converts glucose to fats and

    adipose tissue picks it up normally, part of it.

    an obesity gene can also  prompt a fat cell to pick up   too much of it [ glucose thus dis appears into fat cells.


    next time if those interested can visit a library or book shop---

    open a  text book of bio chemistry 

    all these cycles  can be seen.

    learning will be difficult. but some idea as to how big are those cycles can be easily obtained.

    good luck

  • It all begins in the mind... so trace all problems to the source... the MIND is the culprit, or more specifically, the EMOTIONAL mind.  Dig deeper and ask yourself why it behaves like that, and you'll find the answer(s) there.

  • So philosophical answer. Why not something in simple plain language.

  • nothing philosophical and abstract here - it's just a simple question - ask what the problem is trying to teach us? What is the lesson to be learned?   

  • What is to be cured or healed.

  • [1]



    "There is a difference between healing and curing. Healing is a natural process and is within the power of everyone. Curing, which is what doctors are called upon to do, usually consists of an external treatment; medication or surgery is used to mask or eliminate symptoms. This external treatment doesn't necessarily address the factors that contributed to the factors in the first place. Healing goes deeper than curing and must always come from within. It addresses the imbalance that underlies the symptoms. Healing brings together the often hidden aspects of a person's life as they relate to her illness. Healing is different from curing, though curing and the restoration of physical function may accompany healing." - Christiane Northrup, M.D.

  • In short, it's not a case about curing but of healing. 

  • So where does this question of curing or healing comes in the discussion of weight regulation ?

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