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Whats the right way to check PP

Hi All

My mom's prescription is as follows:

Breakfast: 28 units Actrapid

Lunch: 36 units Actrapid

Dinner: 20 units Actrapid

30 units Human mixtard 30/70

On the day we check her sugar in lab

She gives blood sample at 8:30 AM for F

then takes 28 units of Actrapid at 9 AM and has breakfast at 9:30 AM

At 10:30 am has 36 units of Actrapid and at 11 AM has food again

and gives her blood sample for PP at 1 PM

I have always doubted this, also did not get conclusive answer from doc. Whats the right way ?

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I am giving you a link connected to your doubts.Open the link and you will some more links.



She is taking too much insulin. Please test blood sugar also at9.30 AM before breakfast,at 10.30 AM before actrapid, at 11AM before food. Also test blood for sugar at 12 N and 1 PM. You can share the results for proper evaluation.


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