Whats the right way to check PP

Hi All

My mom's prescription is as follows:

Breakfast: 28 units Actrapid

Lunch: 36 units Actrapid

Dinner: 20 units Actrapid

30 units Human mixtard 30/70

On the day we check her sugar in lab

She gives blood sample at 8:30 AM for F

then takes 28 units of Actrapid at 9 AM and has breakfast at 9:30 AM

At 10:30 am has 36 units of Actrapid and at 11 AM has food again

and gives her blood sample for PP at 1 PM

I have always doubted this, also did not get conclusive answer from doc. Whats the right way ?


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2 Replies

  • I am giving you a link connected to your doubts.Open the link and you will some more links.


  • She is taking too much insulin. Please test blood sugar also at9.30 AM before breakfast,at 10.30 AM before actrapid, at 11AM before food. Also test blood for sugar at 12 N and 1 PM. You can share the results for proper evaluation.

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