28 yr old T2 for past 4 years

I am an Indian (telugu) male currently living in the USA. I've been working out and fit but unfortunately diagnosed with T2 (14.1 A1C, triglycerides over 350) in 2010. Currently in excellent health with 5.6 A1C and lipids in good numbers. I take 500/5 janumet (metformin + sitagliptin dpp4) twice a day and work out almost everyday. I also watch what I eat ,mostly :)

Everything boils down to exercise imho.

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  • But you're taking medication?

  • "Everything boils down to"

    a combination of three things-=

    total[limited] calories in a balanced diet,

    total physical activity that corresponds to the food as above,

    the proper dose of medicines

    for the carbohydrates in the food [carb counting]

    good luck

  • the balance pointed out is

    this :

    if we do total physical activity of 2000 units.

    then the food amount should balance this 2000units.

    the medicine dose should be enough for the food amount.

    good luck

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