Nerve problem-vision loss- ?seizer

Sir..I m male, aged 51 Yrs. some times I experience vision block which will last for 20-30 min. I'm not a SUGAR patience and No Pressure I hope..

Clopiet 75 mg is suggested and i am not taking it regularly.

I wish to know> by what food habit it can be mitigated?

what is the side effect of taking clopilet 75 [sun pharma] continuously?

Shall i take tab: indrol along with clopilet?

Whether this vision lose cause a major problem to me in my rest of my life

Thanks members..>

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  • dear bsn,

    if you look into the side effects of most drugs it will be difficult to consume any drug.

    dont be afraid of medicine.

    the main question should be :

    are there better drugs than this?

    that has to take u to a better doctor or for someone other, for a second opinion.

    if you dont take any of these drugs the condition will worsen. then what?

    Drug - Clopilet 75mg (Clopidogrel)"

    "this medication is an anti-platelet agent, that is, a drug that inhibits the ability of platelets to clump together as part of a blood clot. This medication is prescribed either alone or with other medications for prevention or treatment of stroke and heart attack (which are usually caused by blood clots) in persons who are at high risk.

    Drug - Clopilet 75mg (Clopidogrel)"

    INDERAL is very famous drug ,propranolol, but nowadays least prescribed.i have little knowledge of its action, it is called a betablocker and is prescribed for high bp.

    only a specialist doctor can tell if it is necessary for you=that is a big question .

    remember , these drugs are not a joke.

    follow the doctor exactly..

    if you doubt go to a second doctor.

    not taking or altering dose will be detrimental.

    Inderal® (propranolol hydrochloride) is a synthetic beta-adrenergic receptor blocking agent

    good luck


  • Too many eye hospitals are there.It will be difficult to retain lost eye sight gone untreated.Without fail consult an eye specialist, only after that go to to your Gen

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