Diabetes- silent killer

Yes this is the most dreadful dieses, rest of dieses like cancer , HIV and others will be clear in the out come either you are going to live or leave this place , but this dreadful diabetes is a silent and parasitic killer , it will kill other organs .

I am Diabetic for past 25 years I am aged 44 years, tried every thing under this sun , dont eat rice , sweets no , no carbs , no drinks all . Tried Ayurvedic, Homeo , Alloapthy and naturopaty etc , now what i have is constant PBP 250 , HBI > 7 . Doctors say reduce weight ,I dont know how is that possible . withoiut food with workouts where will any one will have energy to workout ???.

Finally I have decieded to have IILEUM transpositaion , surgery for Diabetics as last resort .

Any one suggest and help me with finding solution , as I have already effected with Diabetic Perphiral nueropathy , and every day will have rollercoaster ride on emotions and physically . Not able to perform the life fully .


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  • It is known as a silent killer.But if you really thinking to live a happy life you have to get control on your blood sugar.You can do that.At the age of 32 I was found having diabetes after the glucose tolerance test.The doctor advised me the diet,exercise and medicine.Also he has given me a piece of advise that if I follow what he said even after 60 I can manage with tablets.Other wise I have to go in for injection two times daily.I followed him since then.I am still on tablet only at the age of 69Yrs. I had bypass surgery for three blocks in 2005 October.My cholesterol before surgery was 163.So it was not the high cholesterol the reason for blocks.The doctor said in some person the vein gets shrinking due to diabetes,which creates block.But another doctors opinion is it is the free radicles released from the oxygen sticks with the LDL cholesterol helps to form the blocks.What ever it may be I am thankful to my first doctor and the surgeon who did the the bypass.I am healthy at 69 my FBS .90,PPBS.120,Cholesterol 135, HBA1c is 6.2. So if you will follow a good doctors advise strictly control your diet,do required exercise and do take the medicine as advised by the doctor and do the regular check up and do the follow up you can lead a normal healthy happy life.May God bless you to achieve that at the earliest.

  • Thank you sir for a valuable post, I have joined this group today only. I am 50 years old man, I have recently discovered that i am having my sugar level on higher side. I have checked my fasting sugar at home after 10 hours of my dinner, reading is 125, again checked it after 2 hours of lunch , it is 190. i have totally stopped sweets, chocolate( use to love eating chocs ). I was having kind of relaxed type of life. Now for last few days i decided and keeping atleast 40 minutes walk in evening. You think i should start taking medicines or by controlling my diet with less carbs and NO SUGAR, and keep walking or exercise daily will bring my sugar level to normal?

  • Dear,

    Surely you must do the dieting,medicine and exercise after consulting a diabetologist (or a good physician).Do not consider this as a disease if you can follow the three steps.Keep in mind that by controlling the sugar level you can lead a normal life.When you see the result of diet,medicine & exercise do not go over board continue it and enjoy it.You can eat your chocs not in large quantity but once in a while a small quantity.You will become used to it.Be happy.

    Wish you all the best.

  • Thank you dear...I will follow your advise.

  • Thank you.God bless you.

  • Did you try long wheat? It is very effective if you tolerate wheat.

  • Actually the post shows that you don't have diabetic, diabetic own you !!.. I was detected by 413 bs on August 19th of this year with weight of 96kg .. I have started with 3 times insulin and 2 time oral medication .. I was strict on healthy diet and 2 times workout a day.. With in one and half month doctor stopped all mediation and my sugar level is still controlled without medication.. Now am 71kg and my Fbs is 75 to 80 around.. I eat around 2900 cal and going to gym everyday for loosing 350 cal around.. So don't tell how to loose weight if you are a diabetic!!! Believe yourself !!!

  • Quite encouraging post....Keep it up

  • @MadhuNair,

    If possible, can you post a day diet ?


  • Sure..Am sharing my Diet programme which i followed when diabetic detected.

    Wake up : 7:00am

    After wake up : one glass of fenugreek water ( pinch of fenugreek seed soaked in water over night)

    will go for walking in treadmill for 20 mints in moderate speed ( 6 or 6.5)

    break fast before 8.30am : one medium size bowl oats ( am from south side of india so we usally makes oats upma, oats dosa ,oats idli, oats masala etc.. i used quoker oats flakes, for convience will grind it for making some south indian dishes.

    11am : green salad ( i eat cucumber )

    Lunnch 1pm : one small bowl brown rice, lots of vegeables salad and curry (vegitable /fish /chicken)

    2 hours after dinner : again green salad / oats with diluted skimmed milk

    Dinner 7.30pm : 2 roti + any vegitable curry + 1 onion

    2 hours after dinner : will go for walking 30 mints in treadmill

    before bed 100 ml bitter melon juice

    in a day i drink 3 to 4 glass lemon juice with low salt and 3 glass of green tea as an engergy drink. atleast i drink 2 littre of hot water a day , i avoided All sweets , Maida, Potato, pakced foods , frozen foods, junk foods, fired food etc and i maintained my sleep minimum 8 hours..

    this one i followed for one month..after that i gradullay increased the food intake like added 1 extra roti in lunch and dinner , boiled grams at evening and fruits after 2 hours the lunch

    Anyway now am following high protein diet and because of "low cholesterol :D" i started some fried food also..

    and again diabetic is nothing its just an opurtunity to stop your bad habits and build some healthy habits to live peacefully with your familly !!!

  • @MadhuNair,

    Thanks for posting your Diet.

  • Thank you that was good advise. Along with food workout as suggested by Dr Prasad of Wayanad has proved encouraging in controlling diabetis.

  • Great dear.

  • dear tejassvi,

    follow what srikutty said. Plus try to follow low carb high fat diet. It helped lots of people including me. but do it slowly. good luck tejassvi.

  • dear tejassvi,

    follow what srikutty said. Plus try to follow low carb high fat diet. It helped lots of people including me. but do it slowly. good luck tejassvi.

  • Dear I can understand ur situation , u have done a lot ok effort .but don't lose hope keep fighting. remember there are more dreadful diseases than daibetis .God bless you.

  • I too diabetes for almost 14 years but have kept the so called silent killer silent . Be happy may what happens, follow the advice of whole lot of august gathering here also braving this killer.Never loose hope. try this LCHF it worked for me. Ask your doctor if you can take tab Voglibose this can also improve you situation. Wish you all the best.

  • What is LCHF?


  • @Janices,

    Check out below for direct / indirect information :




  • Live not according to your taste,but to the taste that life demands !!!

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