Some Homemade Diabetes medicine suggested by a Doctor of Purnea

Hi I am diabetic Type 2 since 2011 and met one doc last year at Purnea and he suggested me to make a mixture of 200gm Flaxseed, 100 gm Methi, 100 gm Ajwain and 100 gm Cinnamon and adviced me to take 2 Tbsp every morning empty stomach.. Does any one taking similar medicine pls let me know the result.. I didn't start as kidney stone detected and not sure whether its good for Kidney stone or not..


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  • If your HbA1c test results exceeds 7%, there is a risk factor for heart attack, stroke or kidney failure.


  • What is your A1C ? Since 2011 - what medicines are you taking ?

    Ask same doctor for herbal medicine to dissolve your kidney stone---

    then try this medicine for diabetes for three months and let us know -how it works.

  • Thanks MY A1C is 6.4 and taking following medicine:

    1. Janumet 50/500 mg- Morning

    2. Metformin 500 mg- Dinner

    3. Rozucar 10 mg- Dinner

  • doctor should reduce dosage or take one medicine off --

    also- start exercises -and LCHF diet --

  • All these items are good for the body and there is nothing wrong in taking them. As for its glucose lowering effect only time can tell.

  • Thanks a lot...

  • Besides allopathic medicines, the mixture of flax seeds etc as suggested above is good for health and it will your stabilize your sugar and lipids... I am also taking such mixture and also ginger powder and little bit turmeric powder in it.. keep taking.... I am diabetic for 25 years with minimal medicines and LCHF diet... A1c -5.6......Post your diet so that others can be your A1c is good but medicines needs to be reduced to avoid its side effects... also needs to add supplement like vitamin D3 or B12 after blood check...

  • Thanks a lot sir...

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