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Insulin resistance and insulin defficiency

All the diabetic person more than 10 years suffering were face the problem for insulin resistance or insulin defficiency doctors also not giving actual answers since the specialists are so busy So any doabetic members if know please share when the person insulin is rsisance when the person is sufferingfromdefficiency If the tables of sulfunalurea or combination with metoformin is how much helpful for difficiency of Blood sugar Thanks

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For all diabetics diet is the key without which nothing will help much. Sulphonyluria drugs after prolonged use become less effective. So if someone is not able to control BS with diet and metformin then insulin is the best option.


Ho u diagnised wether person is having insulin difficiency or not If FBS is more is he consider deficiency or PPBS is more Or any further which test helps to found out Thanks


To test insulin resistance you need to test fasting insulin and glucose levels and check IR from following formula.

To check insulin deficiency you need to test insulin and c-peptide test.

If you are not insulin resistant then according to your carb response you can draw rough conclusion about insulin deficiency.


Is it necessary to T2 pesons Fasting insulin test ? thanks


It will give idea about insulin resistance when tested with FBS.


I second Shri Samarth with one modification: Keep A1C < 6.4% WITHOUT Glucophage (metformin) or any other drug. I have put a benchmark to level guidance from Shrisamarth and withdrawn dependence on drug for that! Statistics suggest > 75% insulin dependence if full permisable dose of Metformin is administered for 6-7 years. [Mainly through carbohydrate halving, I brought my average BS from > 285 to 126 and my daily diet quota of about 2,200 calories is on Diabetes India/Health Unlocked.


O K As pr your opinion only metoformin is good 255 mg per day is not high dose ? are u insulin dependent or not ?

Myself I am not using insulin only taken glynase MF 1-0-1/2 per day now I amstoppedall other tablets and also BP tablets from last one month Iam no problems and full active and . butfor the question asked for clear some problems Thanks


As pe rDoctyors infirmation Sulfunal urea is no harm if the diet control is good. If diet control cannot made by the people then Insulin tobe immediate necessary Even then diet cannot control it may also not use and kidney function fails then only dialoss to be done and all other complication also arises

My personnel expereince and also i have seen somuch ersons theymaytaken GlynasMF metoformin500 mg + gliphizide 5mg 1-0-1 of 1-0-1/2 consume and since morethan 25 yars they have no complication today also their Bs level normal and completely health some of 2 personsageis 71 and 75

My self 60 years I am already informed my BS level is also normal . kidney function Lipid prfls and LFT and also calcium and electrolytes also normal

My main question is how can u find the person is whether insulin resistance or insulin defficiency what r the parameter te sted for this Please carify Thanks


Dear Nataraj., i read today somewhere that insulin resistant people symptom is obese peopel and ind insulin deficient people are thin. this is in general and there can be exceptions. i did not note the web site name. slowly the insulin resistant people become induslin deficient people as the insulin production of pancreas stops after some time trying to produce more insulin to reduce blood sugar. So in short insulin resistance develops first and later insulin deficient as far as diabetes type 2 are concerned.

I hope this may solve this question.


Sreedhar so mucu articleswere comingfrom magzines googlesearches online news papers . But mainthing and expereince isdifferent

I am not favouringanyblogsandalso notrejecting completely We must read all the blogs and infirmations about T@ and HBP but according to our body resistancewe may adjust ourfood

totaly main factor fordiabetics is either more consumption of carbs ornot digetible for consuming food

if we control her then diabetic has no problems this process is not some period but s until our life.

some ofthemadvertise we have given mdicines it is completely goodandcompletely curable andalso says milk is bad donot use .

this type of posting is not followed . and also itis meaning less Thanks


@Nataraj Thank you for the valuble suggestion.


One has to check what is called HOMA values. It nithing but estimating fasting glucose and fasting insulin first converting log values. The formula is available in wensite HOMA

Based on this one can decide whether is landing insulin resistance.

As regards insulin resistance and insulin resistance, the clear molecularl defenition is if the number of insulin recptors are high per molcule of circuling insulin then it is said insulin sensitization, on other hand of number of insulin receptors low per molecule of insulin it called indulin resistance. Clinical symptoms apart the best away to increase insulin sensitization is use of soluble fiber like fenufiber other like brisk walking are known reduce insulin resistance, even resulting reduction no units of indulin useage.


Sanjay please inform what type using cure please share what medicines ayurvedasiddaor herbals fistly u must confirm which medicine used ayurveda or herbal or sidda ? Please post details in early and cost ofmedicines also. After seen your post Itry to decide to purchase your medicine. Thanks


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