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Recall empirical effect of Pizza on blood glucose level?


I vividly remember that one of the top active and learned member gave personal account of one observation where he monitored blood glucose levels after taking a hefty load of extra topped pizza slices. Contrary to hype, rise was slow and peak reached after three or four hours. I would like to revisit that contribution. Will anyone guide me?

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The info is 100% true. Because in Extra Topped Pizza, the contribution of carb is low. Spike in Glucose is based on level glucose our system uptakes from our diet.

In other wards Blood glucose is not the only parameter that decides our health.

Pizza being high in fat, one way it is good, if trans fat is avoided.

Kindly do not look at the slow rise of glucose. Some of the medicos recommend foods that low glycemic value. Generally foods that slowly increase / delay in increase of blood glucose are classified as low glycemic foods. whether slow / fast, in net we are getting the glucose in total.

Glucose glycemic value is 100 as against fructose 40. Doesn't mean that fructose is better to glucose. Because fructose metabolism is like the one similar to alcohol.

Thanks for the effort Rsridhar220962. Slow release I guess means the spike could be lesser but for a substantially greater time. If my understanding is wrong, please correct me.

Thanks. If not inconvenient, could you please cite link to these studies.

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