Any one remembers url of site that details about doctors on the take in US, put here by medfree?

About a month ago medfree put the link to locate medical practitioners who were paid money by pharmaceutical companies. I found that two respected medical practitioners had taken lunch money and lecture/seminar fees. Have to check a few more names. Please email it to me or post as reply.

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  • Yes I got the five US sites. Thanks.

  • Complaint to MCI . today's dr's r like evils for money.

  • MCI? (I was looking for medical practitioners on the take in US)...

  • Mr noreal

    Kindly tell me how to reach the old posts of medfree


  • He deleted majority of his posts here before becoming ADMIN of another forum -- dedicated specifically to LCHF for Indian diabetics. After deleting majority of his posts he deleted his account also so you cannot get a list of all his posts.

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