Drug companies rule the world

Do you know this:

The COMBINED PROFITS for the TEN most profitable drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) are GREATER than the profits for all the other 490 companies put together ($33.7 billion) including the Microsoft.! (By the way, the ‘Fortune 500’ is a ranking of the top most profitable American corporations). Drug companies rule this world. They make medicines; manage approvals by all unfair means; influence media; misinform and even bribe the medical practitioners to push the sales of medicines to make profit. For them you are a customer not patient.

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  • Is it of any relevance in context of diabetes?

  • Yes. Very much

  • Yes dear patliputra,

    But it is not as many people think or fear.

    Among them the major misbelief is about scientific research.

    I will not elaborate, but I will go for a totological argument that,

    For example.

    No oxygen supplier company for hospital can influence research result that

    Too much of oxygen is bad for a patient. Or any human.

    (So that they get increased sales.=)

    Because the research result can be repeated by a anybody.

    That is why when fda gives a green signal for a drug

    Many western countries wait for their own trials. We in India wait for WHO RECOMENDING.

    This applies to all drugs.

    Summary :

    Anything that cannot be influenced

    cannot be influenced by anything . Totology.!!

    ..if. F=ma, then

    ma =ma. Sorry for sarcasm.

    But that was from the greatest philosopher scientist of the 20th century.

    Good luck

  • I detected NO sarcasm ( - & hope I didn't miss it, for being insufficiently sensitive to it !) ;)

    Who was "the greatest philosopher scientist of the 20th century" ( - . . . . . in your opinion ?). I do not recognise that quote, . . . . . but would like to know it author !


  • I could not make much out of that reply in question either. Perhaps other than the author asserting that once FDA clears or WHO clears, all is well with the drugs being pushed down our throats. Sorry sir, I disagree. Drug companies do indulge in corrupt practices to sell drugs. Many a times drugs are withdrawn/banned after killing thousands, but after the companies have made enough profit. Nobody punishes them for pushing the killer drugs any way. Not to say that all drugs are bad. But it is better to be aware of the malpractices and to exercise discretion while using them.

  • Vioxx killed more than people died in Vietnam war. All trials were manipulated.


    No one knows how many did diabetes drug Avandia killed, but GSK pleaded guilty. Takeda in midst of a battle against it for Actos?

    So, rightly said, just because WHO, FDA passes something doesn't mean that we start using/trusting them blindly as industry trojans are not uncommon to find in all relevant bodies. Even Avandia and Vioxx passed through FDA.

  • Dear epitectus,

    Thanks for response.

    Please don't take so serious.

    On the first part of it lies the tautology or sarcasm.

    If I pick up those researches that cannot be influenced by drug companies and declare :

    See these researches cannot be influenced by

    Drug companies

    we say it is analytic (..not synthetic)

    That is an inference form

    That is totological.

    OK I hope I am clear enough.

    If you ask a question.

    Who are the greatest of all the philosophers of the 20th century, Many answers will come up.

    Some may say Karl marx, Jean Paul sartre and so on. But the most agreed

    Answer will be Russell and

    White head.

    Russel was mathematical philosopher(..logicism) and simply philosopher.

    Where as Whitehead was theoretical phiscicist(..relativity .), LOGICIST and science philosopher.

    Exempting rudolph carnap, etc, probanly----

    Whitehead was the greatest scientist philosopher of the 20 th century.

    He was commenting on Ernst much group

    which argued :

    Force can be excluded and kinetics is enough. So f=ma and

    ma =ma.

    He asked :how can such an important system like mechanics arise from tautologies like this.

    OK. Long discussion, we wind up. Thanks for patient listening.

    Good luck

  • Ahhh, yes - Bertrand Russel, he of the "Is this a lie ?" fame.

    Shall bear Whitehead in mind . . . . . . and may bump into his influences on the world, in due course . . . . . perhaps !

    Thanks, Indiacratus . . . . . . . 'so serious' ? Moi ? ? ?

    I shall aim to loose up, . . . . . even MORE ! ;)


  • Thanks in turn. Good night.

  • No wonder you are among those who dropped your A1C from 13+ top 5.x without drugs and are drug free even after three plus years. Drug companies have infested every so called world bodies and almost every medical establishment including universities.

    Since you are one among those who never took drugs, and managed entirely on LCHF diet some guys will poke and provoke. Ignore them. They have nothing better in life to do, than just provoke and waste time.

    Here' something to supplement your write up.


    Ex chief editor of NEJM is not some rabble rouser. Speaks with data and data is something that some people don't care for here :)

  • I agree 100%.

  • If there is God at all, let HIM punish them.

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