Diabetes and King Chilli


As from my previous post, you must have known that I am diabetes in some reports and non diabetes in some hospital.

However, aside of everything, I am a lover of spices especially King Chilli recently. This might have reduced my sugar. Although, I do not have any prove.

I have had bulging belly, but now my belly is almost plain due to continous taking of fresh King Chilli. Pls those who are having heavy belly, try this one.. It might help.

But, recently, I have skin problem.. White and red patches around the neck? Is there any connection with D pls?

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  • Kahrelo

    How do you say your pot belly disappeared because of king chilli. Are taking care of your diet ? Lchf ?

    Your skin problem may be due to D, chillies or both.

  • These days, Im not dieting as my numbers as per acucheck is always normal.

    By eating Naga King chili and lemon it burnt fats around the waist. This might be the reason of getting normal sugar but I'm not certain though.

    Skin problem : May be due to D. But, I have normal readings without meds. Pls suggest?

  • Kahrelo

    A skin specialist opinion would be better.

  • White patches : Do you have dandruff too? If yes, try Selsun Shampoo.

    If not a hypothyroid patient, try 300 to 600mg/day dose of Alpha Lipoic Acid capsules.

  • Now I'm taking Fluconazole, 150mg and Mahagaba-M 75

  • I have sudden shaking of leg and hand especially just before sleeping. I was thinking this might be neuropathy complication. Is it dangerous?

    Just before falling asleep, I suddenly awoken by sudden shaking or movement of hand or feet without any reason. Pls help?

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