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Metformin and Pioglitazone


Both are supposed to reduce insulin resistance. The latter is supposed to be cancer causing. Can Metformin replace Pioglitazone totally?

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Yes, I did it. I was taking gluconorm p15. that met plus pioglitazone. when i came to know it is cancer making. i gone to glimi. then that burned my pancreas. incread hunger. by god grace i came to know lchf and metforin sr 500 moring and evening i am okey now. but you have to use glucometer to judge how much you have to take at a time. normal 850 can go 3 tablets. sr maximum 2000. I think so. it is a good deciation of yours to swich to met. it is one of the safest d drug.

good luck.

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the best solution is Insulin only. Thank God he has given us what is not available in our body can be sourced from outside. The side effects are not hitherto uttered by anybody to my knowledge. I feel the best is Insulin is from outside only.

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With proper diet and excecise Metoformin taken their is no side effect metoformin onlytablet helps control blood sugar thanks

Metformin is the safest drug for IR. Most people take take to it well with the main side effect being gas and occasional diarrhea. Piog is a TZD class of drug which is supposedly banned in India, dont know for sure, but it is suspected to cause bladder cancer. Certain versions of the TZDs are known to increase the risk of cardiac episodes.

Glimepride of the sulphonylurea class which stimulates insulin secretion.

Of all these 3 non-insulin approaches to treating type 2, Metformin is the safest, but it is not a miracle drug, it is likely that if you eat a lot of carbs, Met just lowers the BS by 30-40 points.

There are naturopathic supplements that decrease IR like Aloe Vera, Methi, Avla & Jamun. I have experimented with them and found that if I take the juices regularly the BS is lower by 30-40 points.

The best way is to have a multi pronged approach and a LCHF diet. Keep your medication to Metformin. Do not get drawn into blockbuster drugs that give multi billion profits as side effects take years or even a decaded to manifest. Personally I have never understood why doctors prescribed sulfonylureas to patients with Ir (which type II are). If the body is resistant to insulin, then why flog the beta cells into making more of it. Excess insulin in the blood is a poison which increases mid body fat storage and also increases resistance.

It is a theoretical discussion .Never said he is taking pioglitazone and replaced it with met.No to TZD and yes to metformin.

True..its theoretical

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Metafort - Combination of Metformin + Glimepiride ( Sulfonyl Urea )

PIOZ-MF - Combination of Metformin + Pioglitazone

The first thing that I did along with my Doctor, was to get different medicines for each i.e. separately for Metformin, Glimepiride & Pioglitazone.

In my case, Use of Pioglitazone lead to swelling in legs, specially the feet portion. On observing this, my Doctor discontinued Pioglitazone & we started managing with Metformin & Sulfonyl Urea & Diet. The swelling dissapeared after discontinuing Pioglitazone.

Though, I must say, Pioglitazone gave extremely good control of my Diabetes.

Advantage of taking separate medicines, is that, you can slowly reduce the sulfonyl ureas gradually, keeping the Metformin at the same level, as you gain control over your Diabetes with the help of Diet & Exercise.

As for whether you can replace Pioglitazone with Glimepiride, You with your Doctor & Diet & Exercise, are the best to work it out together.


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Except for metformin both the other drugs (glimepiride and pioglitazone) are harmful in longer run so better to control with diet, exercise and metformin.

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Agree with you 200%.


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O K Metoformin tablets may be used But question is whether it produces the insulin in thebody or cut down the carbohydrate from our body todigest purpose please clarify Thanks

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It reduces glucose release from liver and increases sensitivity to insulin.


what is difference between Euglim M=1( glimpride&MetformineHCI) extended release tablets and Metformine

Avoid Piglitozone. Use Fenufibre.It helps in insulin seensitization Greater is the amount of percentage soluble fiber, more is insulin sensitization These are based on experimental findings on humans.The visocity generated by soluble fiber retards digestion and hence slow absorption.For full scientific article check the article insulin sensitization and insulin resistance in prediabetic rat model, a quantitative molecular model, by Ramulu Ponna et alin journal of Diabeties&Metabolis, Septembet 2011

every d individual should aim for safest metformin if they are using dangerous and very costly drugs. If it fails then as a last resort to insulin injection with proper lchf diet. In other web sites 99% they follow this rule and getting very good result. check yourselves.

I really agree with what 'chips for free' has said i was benefited with jamun and amla juice extract it really helps + regular meditation to reduce stress as increase in BS is directly related to stress level. For meditation i recommend 'Vipsyna'. Very effective technique to combat tension or stress in day to day life.

FDA Drug Safety Communication: Updated FDA review concludes that use of type 2 diabetes medicine pioglitazone may be linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer.

On Mar 21, 2016 by a gazette notification by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has banned over 300 medicines of fixed drug combinations including metformin + pioglitazone.


Thank you.

I read this important information.

" Always wear an identity information bracelet indicating diabetes!"

I do not know how many people were an identity bracelet?

The same applies to allergy as well!

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