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i am type 2 diabetic ,i do 30 min brisk walk in the morning in 4 days a week,

i am working & do a lot of work ,i eat two roti sabzi at a time but still my blood sugar not controlled.my fasting is 145 PP ig 275 n H1ac is 7.6

presently doct suggested me to have diamicron mex 500 mg before bf n dinner n piglet mf 15 after brk fast n dinner ,januvia 100 mg after launch,

is it safe to take so much medicine ,my age is 23

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First reduce your carb intake. Grains have to be restricted. Add protein and fat to your diet to replace reduced carbs. Monitor your BS levels with glucometer as you reduce carbs.

As time passes if you maintain your high carb diet you may need more and more drugs.

Except metformin all other diabetic drugs have severe side effects.

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sorry sir my age is 43


Do walk 4 km in 40 mintues and do surya namskar and manduk asan and kapal bhanth pryanam Yoga posture learn on u tube


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