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Are we looking in wrong direction ?

There have been extensive studies of pancreatic islets , liver , fat cells as well as brain , gut , vasculature and muscles. Evidence now exists to support an important role for each in metabolic homeostasis and for a causative role for several organs in both diabetes and obesity. Many treatments for obesity and diabetes have focused on the role of diet and physical activity. Most pharmaceutical research focused on control of food intake, increased energy expenditure or improving insulin action. But DESPITE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THEIR UTILITY, THEY HAVE NOT YET SLOWED THE GROWTH IN RATES OF OBESITY OR DIABETES.

Perhaps the time has come to expand our research to carefully investigate the environmental changes that have accompanied the epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

What are those environmental changes we should take into consideration ?

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I think it is very much within the scope of discussion within this forum. As I have mentioned, medicine, diet and physical activity all improve blood sugar control but these steps have utterly failed to arrest or slow down the epidemic of diabetes and obesity.

So above measures are only symptomatic and unless we look for other factors which are hitherto unexplored and uninvestigated we will not be able to arrest the spread the diabetes and obesity.

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All the dietary regimes along with or without medication, only help to control blood sugar levels and minimise complications,thereby improving quality of life. But all these are unable to slow or arrest the tide of disease.

So there must be something which needs to be investigated and taken care of to at first to slow down the rising trend of diabetes.


It is not correct to say that no study has been done or is not being done on the phenomenon of hyperinsulinemia. I myself has raised the issue in this forum.when I said hyperinsulinemia precedes by many years before diabetes is diagnosed.

Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance are issues that needs further discussion,but that will become a little more technical .


You are entitled to you exclusive views. But you are able to say all researches as rigged only because of committed researchers. There are more honest ,sincere and committed scientists who are devoted to the welfare of humanity.


No body is blaming any body. On the contrary,please read your own blogs ,you will know who is blaming whom.

I for myself keep an open mind and like to have some productive discussion. I can also quote different writers to counter Gary Taubes.but that is not the point.

I am not interested. Thank you.😀😀


I will not be drawn into that controversy.😋


Here I am not talking about success or failure of treatment. What I am saying is that despite all medication,following this or that diet regime and physical work outs, there is no slow down in the incidence of diabetes. That is why need to look some where else,the factors which continues to affect us as far as diabetes and obesity is concerned.


Association between high levels of arsenic in drinking water and diabetes have been studied. But the results are statistically not significant. Even this association may be due dietary factors.


Very well presented. Thank you.


We have diverted from the core of topic. As I have said earlier, all the different diets,different physical activity and different medications including insulin,all leads to only one thing ,ie all singly or in combination,the control of blood sugar. None has till date been able to arrest the progression of diabetes. These all only improve the quality of life.

Diabetes has taken the form of epidemic . It has grown and growing at a tremendous pace. So genetics,diet and sedentary life style may all have a role to play, but these are not the ultimate factors. So we have to look to things which were not looked into. The most important is the environment and changes in life style. A very serious thought has to be given to things which are not in focus.


Actually our experience is limited to English speaking countries. So outside of it ,we know nothing about.


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