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Cellular damage: will it burst the sky?

Many members of HealthUnlocked are seen to be extremely concerned about cellular damage. Is it so alarming? (Is it not a regular event of all living organisms?)

Some of them say that it happens no sooner than the blood sugar level crosses 140 mg/dl upward.

Can some one explain what exactly is the damage, what is the extent, what is the seriousness or risk involved, is it like the ignition of an explosive - rapid & nonstop-able, how it is tested, what is the measure/unit of it and any other relevant facts?

Some others also may be interested to know/learn these details!

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your inference may not be correct.

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Mr.George,Pl.open the video link below.I am sure you will find it interesting.



The video link did not open at the first try,so I deleted.Then I thought the video is more explicit than my narrative and simply gave the link.


Okay, thank you venkataramana.


when bloodvessels in retina,eye give way with retinal bleed sufficient to detach thevision,onemay not see thesky again


Thank you for the response, but my interest is to know about cellular damage and not its after effect like blood vessels in retina, eye give way with retinal bleed sufficient to detach the vision, renal failure, gangrene of legs etc.


If your interest is at the cellular level, the Beta cells of pancreas in DM2,gets reduced in number progressively with proportionate drop in their production of insulin.

Then follows the damage by glycoselated end products on the endothelial cells of bloodvessels, making them thicker,lose elasticity and leak protein and serum lipids into their walls,laying the foundation for angiopathy, micro and macrovascular.


Need guidance on LWMDR. How can I contact Shooter George? My phone number 0484-2808739, Mobile 9495337103. Can somebody help.


My email id vigeorge48@gmail.com


Hi vigeorge48,

I was off the net for long time. Saw your message today only. I am sending you a mail & give you a call tomorrow.


Hi SG , really happy to know u r back on the forum. Thank you for your email and call. Briefly my progress is as follows :-Detected as diabetic in 2008 .PP 180. Controlled with diet & exercise and occasionally took ayurvedic medicine.In June this year I had viral infection & sugar readings went up. FBS 192 & PP 372. In April HbA1C was 8.5.

Started ayurvedic medicines on 21-6-14. BS readings are as under:-

24/7 PP 188

14/8 PP 103 FBS 127

28/8 PP 188

13/9 PP 108 FBS 132

24/9 PP 139

02/10 PP 113

18/10 PP 126

26/10 PP 112

03/11 PP 119

All readings are with ACCU CHECK ACTIVE Glucometer.

Started LWMDR on 26/7/14. Stopped one medicine on 26/8/14.

Started exercise on 15/7/14.

Started taking VCO 2TBS 16/9/14.

I am 67 yrs of age , Ht 170 cms , Wt 67 kg and no other ailments. Nonsmoker . Not taking sugar/fruits . Dear SG sorry for the delay.

Thanks again. Request guidance .

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Shooter George you are spot on. I have a fairly reliable paper that shows that the 5 most feared diabetic outcomes like amputation of a leg, sight loss, cardiac arrest etcetera have an individual incidence probability of less than 2.5% @ average blood glucose level of 185. Wish it could be copy pasted here. It is a read only copy.


Hi norreal,

Thank you for the corroborative remark. Try whether you can take a 'screen shot' of the paper & attach to a post here. It will be a relief to patients who are scared by 'cellular damage' propaganda.


@M77, GOOD :-)


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