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will you agree???----"now-you are going to opt the best practice of the good life stile"

Diabeties is not a death sentence --- but it's a caution to input precautions in your daily motions/emotions/ it indicates loss of your bodies auto flexibility status, and says here after you have to manually monitor all your body constitution

think positively what the things you are loosing as a diabetic patients

Sweets ------ every doctors from the earliest of the life stages(even also to kids) suggesting not to take much sweets here also meaning is taking less sweets means take any thing that gives energy (calories)you can burn totally.and again have it---in simple ---have it -totally consume it -- again have

here also thing is same don"t feel it as restriction take it as suggestion

weight loss---- it is common for everyone for Body flexibility

stress free----it is also common advice given for all health concerns

get rid of habits that are harmful to you-- quite common even u will give same suggestions to everyone

now tell me what the thing is new suddenly came across your way except thinking that " you are going to opt the best practice of the good life stile"

will you agree????

- chandu

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I agree. I reduced carbohydrate consumption.


just my curiosity: you reduced carb consump. so, possibly you may have increased your chicken, fish, etc, consump.??????? I'm a veg. but am very curious to know what constitutes your diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner?????? all details of your diet deeply appreciated; it'd offer all vege's. good alternatives and thus help us all to further reduce BG levels. thanks in advance,


Sorry. I always opt for veg.food, while in my home. But I am staying bachelor life in Saudi Arabia. Only non-veg food available as we my friend cooks. I do not know cooking. I eat fruits, Kakadi (Cucumber),Carrot,Chicken and Fish. Rice only two Serving Spoon. Morning I eat Puri, puttu, dosha etc. But always Cucumber,carrot must. Night special preparation Milk+Aple+Small Kela Fruit (Cheru Pazham in Mallu) Juice very nutritive. Total 1 tea and 2 Black coffee.

Please check for veg preparation and diabetic menus in this link. facebook.com/pages/Lookatme...

Most important thing to observe and follow is:Just eat when you are Hungry. Drink water when you are thirsty. Walk as long as possible. Jumb,climb stairs,climb trees if possible, hang on some thing for long 10 min. Avoid time to time eating. Confirm proper digestion. for that chew Khilonji - black cumminis or jeera after every meal.


I too agree.It is essential to reduce carbohydrate consumption


The Therapy that suits for one person may not suitable for another person,

But as a vegetarian you may add this stile of diet

Reduce rice gradually as can as possible, and substitute it with green elves and other vegitables with high pibure

take the same diet in first phase by increase No of times and reducing quantity

later on gradually take that much of food, quantity that it makes you feel relaxed from hungry and not Drowsy

very important thing is the form of food u taken should take long digesting time and should give u energy through out the time from first half an hour to till the last in same level (in our tradition, food is described under 4 forms Bhaksya/Bhojya/chohya/lehya- these are all should be part of meals being every type of food will have its digesting time shedules and energy process levels )


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