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Fasting Blood Sugar Level

The risk for cardiovascular disease and heart attack starts at a fasting blood sugar of about 80 mg/dL (milligrams per litre of blood), but most labs still use 99 mg/dL as the upper limit. At that stage a patient already has a 19 per cent increased risk for a heart attack.


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Could this figure of 19% be a misstatement? (I think it is, because empirical outcomes should be used to quantify risk) efar52@gmail.com


Normal person's BS is most of the time less than 90. In such type of research you can not go by the numbers only because there is variation with respect to geographical location. If you go by theory and as per lab guidelines and maintain your BS level higher than 90 then there are chances that you will most likely become diabetic after some years and then if you don't control it on time all complications will follow.


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