Pharmaceutical companies sell their controversial drugs in ADA events

Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to market their controversial drugs at American Diabetic Association events after making payments of 1 million $ per year

ADA bill to restrict nutrition services only to ADA registered dieticians !! We can guess what nutrition advise we can get from them .They will advise ADA recommended high carbohydrate diet plans only

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  • American Dietetic Association is now AND (so as to remove confusion with ADA).

    That said, All nutritionists and Dieticians just parrot ADA guidelines. Coke, Pepsi, Kellogg funds AND. But if you look at the balance sheet of Kellogg and General Mills they are losing cereal business in developed countries.

    If my nanny was in the US and she talked diet o neighbor then she was liable to be arrested and thrown into jail if she had no license to talk. One type 1 diabetic was threatened to be jailed as he criticized ADA recommendations of CARBS and he talked his diet which helped him achieve stable numbers and good health. FDA is know for having SWAT style RAIDS conducted and shops closed.

    And people believe that only India has license raj. This whole American License raj is like giving Vijay Mallaya to frame the Alcohol abolition policy in India.

    It is a Nexus which promotes Bad health and anyone who criticizes the norms they are called QUACKS.

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