In 2009 my HBA1C was 8.0 in 2010--7.5 throughout the year ,in 2012 it was 7.0 but then on it reduced to 6.5 to 6.8 by use of tab Amaryl 1 mg

in 2013 it is 6.7,6.5 , 6.1, 6.0 in all quarter by tab and 45 min exercise so diabetes is in control

Question-- Now since last 3 months lower part of my foot i.e. toe and rear part of toe (EDI) is having pain so much that I am not in position to walk easily I am 63 years old .

Is it the side effect of diabetes pl help .

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  • Switch to LCHF diet.

    A1C will come below 6 for sure. Traditional recommendations have lead 60% of diabetics to have diabetic complications. So it is time to SHUN conventional HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense. Those who keep referring to sites like ADA, WebMD, Mayoclinic and wikipedia for diet can never really control sugar effectively. High Carb Low fat diet is a cruel joke.

    Start 600mg Alpha Lipoic Acid capsules once a day if you are not a thyroid patient.

    Once you switch to LCHF monitor your PPBS at home. You may need to reduce drugs to avoid hypo.

  • In January 2014 I had HBA1C 11.6%, reduced to 9.8% within same month, 9.0% in February and 7.9% in March. I am 61 and if I tell you I did not take any medicine for this, would you believe? (The first three test results are from top notch laboratories in US)

  • Walking 5 miles (8km) a day would cover about 100gms carbs as this would mean you are on an average walking for 90-120 minutes per day (depends on your speed). So it is not surprising that your numbers have reduced.without medicines but they are still too far above the safe levels of < 6.0 as first step and then 5.6 as next step. I stopped walking since about almost 10 months and I am north of 50 and my last A1C was 5.6. However, if you still consider 180 (for 2 Hr PPBS) as safe level just because of age, then you are in dangerous territory for sure.

  • medfree you are entitled to your views. I have halved

    my carb intake to 175 g from 350+.

  • Fist is 350 got you into trouble. Even 175gms means you cannot go above 30% for fat which means you have to take protein which also spikes sugar levels. Get it down to 100 and experience long term good health on least (or zero) drugs and minimal need to walk so much.

    My views are primarily based on practical experience rather than any funded research. Diabetics who are fed up with the "Standard American Diet" are tuning towards Low carb High fat diet.

    There's a Joslin Gold medal winner who lives on 120gms CARBS. As against this Joslin center is doing some research on 11 type 1 diabetics by feeding them Pizza laced with butter just to prove FAT increases insulin need. This is what is known as JUNK Science and then this is fed to ignorant through sites that spread the scare that FAT is bad.

    Pl take a look at a place where diabetics live and preach LCHF and from where we also learned around 4 years back. This site has the Joslin gold medal winner that i talked of above. He has also published a book which sells on amazon.

  • I think I was doing 500 grams carb earlier that got me in trouble! (I took more bread/rice + 25 teaspoons of sugar in tea. Now I take black coffee without milk) ...

  • Diabetes is a Blessing In Disguise as it forces you toward healthy eating CARBS Kill! Your story is similar to mine. After diabetes, table sugar consumption in my house has decreased by 4 Kg/Month and nuts consumption has gone up by same amount.


  • I walk about 8 kms a day but in two installments. what do you suggest this 8 kms i.e. 90-120 mins should be at a stretch ??

  • Nope. When i used to walk i used to do it in 3 installments Start walking 40 minutes after fist bite. Then as i moved more and more towards reducing carbs cut down to walking just 1.6 kms/day. Last 10 months i haven't done any walking to control blood sugar. Call me lazy but i prefer eating less of what can cause SPIKES. It is counter productive trying to firefight (control sugar) by spaying petrol (carbs).

    Needless to say, I do the very opposite of what my doctor wants me to do as far as eating and meals are concerned. For example i eat 12 eggs (with yolk) and 120 gms cheese every week in breakfast in addition to 1 Cup black coffee with 1 TBSP coconut oil daily.

  • New Castle study if done on BMI of 21 will kill a diabetic. Have they every come back feeding 60% CARBS to subject of the same study? They never will! Carbs Kill! Harvard with all its money and brain could never come out with what everexotic, ran_latha and others here have experienced. Even a Joslin Gold medalist is living on 120gm carbs and high FAT diet. Joslin Gold medal is given to Type1 who have survived 50 years with type 1.

    Anyone who talks against Fat got to be brilliant by your standards :... the same standards which has caused the epidemic in fist place :)

    Surprising you find A1C of 11+ as temporary. It is dangerous to say the least. True doctors are busy keeping diabetics to eat 60% CARBS as that's what makes DRUGS sell :)

  • I like the biological reasoning you have given, Indiacartus. I am still trying to figure it out because I just read introductory Biology in Class VIII and found it complex...

  • Interesting. I wanted to be a doctor and believe me I never knew about IIT's. Then in ISC, second term we had 20 chapters in zoology for exams. Botany was all through nicely. I had prepared for 15 out of 20 in zoology but exams I found that i would flunk despite that as majoprity of paper was from the topics that I never touched. I walked out of exam hall (we had the option of 6 subjects where 1 can be called "optional"). Took up Geometrical and Machine drawing and then started hunting about engineering colleges (as i was pursuing PCMB) and that's when I came to know about IIT's. but was too less a time for preparations. Lost a year, but finally made it to IIT. But still can understand quite a bit of biology and zoology even after leaving it for more than 30 years now :)

  • Here I agree with medfree.A1c 7.9 is pretty high,it comes to about 180-200mg/dl,depending on which system you follow.So do you think average mean bs in the above range good for you?

  • Nowadays my target is to manage food glucose in a fashion that post prandial is max 185 (preferably 170) so that after 3 weeks I improve upon last week's HBA1C of 7.9%...

  • Good luck to you in what ever you are doing.I am skeptical ,to bring down A1c from 7.5 becomes a little tricky.But at the same time it appears that you have something in mind and you following a certain plan with pre determined target.So again good luck.

  • So as per ADA a diabetic isn't entitled to healthy man's glucose levels of PPBS < 140 right? Ridiculous isn't it? Just because it wants to PUSH Carbs to a diabetic. Pathetic! That's precisely what Dr Bernstein also says.

    Your LCHF articles are just vaporware because one doesn't need certificate from corrupt bodies to certify LCHF as the workable solution for Type 2 diabetics. Even Type1 are practicing it and Dr Bernstein is a living example.

    Diabetics need to "think out of the box". Those documents are outdated and doctors are no more Gods!

  • In 2005 I was almost paralyzed (could not walk) and was considering acupuncture when Johns Hopkins qualified doctor suggested natural cure that I even walked 14 kilometers a day. I do five miles now.

  • medfree you may have a point. Both my parents NEVER had Type II, took two snacks and three meals and carb 150 g. Ages at death, 77 & 79.

  • Sir and during their time there was no EVIL like Monsanto and BASF too! There was no Donald Rumsfled pushing Aspartame though FDA using political clout.

    No one was arrested for selling milk in USA. Potato consumption in USA was far far less than what it is now. Whole milk consumption was more than 1 glass/day (down to 0.6 now as it is all low fat nonsense so tasteless) As i always have maintained -- Its the Food Industry which is used by Pharma Lobby to spread disease so that they have new and more "Consumers"

    Pharma is a business (and not a non profit) and they need more consumers to keep the shareholders and Wall Street analysts happy. They care a damn about anything but profits and profits and profits.

  • sadguru: My parents never had diabetes but my mother had aches/pains and though tests were clear she had all symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Father also had aches and pains.

  • Your HbAC1 showing down ward trend is a good sign. Keep it up. Regards to your toe pain and edi pain better you consult your family doctor who is treating you.Try this one soak methi seeds in a glass of water add nature Karela+ jamun juice previous night drink it as soon as you get up go for walk see the results

  • Sir, Pl refer to Mayo Clinic site and read Peripheral Neuropathy. It gives symptoms, causes etc. Further when u r saying that ur diabetes was under control, this thing shud not be due to diabetes. Abt a decade ago my wife suffered this problem (she ia Non-diabetic) on the rear portion of the foot. The problem was so acute, it was difficult for her to stand. An orthopedic surgeon took the x-ray. There was little increase in bone. She was advised some rest, medicines and Dr.Scholl's slippers. she is poor taker of Medicines. i am sure she must not have taken the prescription in full. Any way it was on the rear part and not under toe. She used to keep her feet in hot tolerable water with a bit of salt. It helped and thereafter she did not suffer this pain though she has pain in one knee. My giving of example is to show that your can be a diabetic related neuropathy or something similar to my wife. The difference is in case of my wife only EDDI was involved.

  • Thanks for the advice

    I am now relieved that pain is not due to diabetes

  • better the patient get the investigations done by neuro physician perhaps he may be having diabetic neuropathy.

  • It is not always true that for every physical problem diabetes is the culprit,though it has become routine to blame.Your Toe pain may be totally unrelated to diabetes.As data regarding toe pain is scant,even then a few of the possibilities comes to mind.First is a condition called Gout,which affects mainly big toe causing many times excruciating pain which hampers even slight movement.Secondly, Arthritis mainly rheumatoid.Even construction of big toe if it is deviated towards adjacent toe, may cause pain.Arterial disease of foot ,apart from infection and injury to toe May cause pain.Pl. get blood Uric acid done to rule out Gout.Keep in touch.

  • You are doing extremely good.HbA1c which is6,if you convert it it into blood sugar it comes to about 126 mg/dl.Maintain it.Weldone.

  • A!C 6% indicates reversal or very close to it.

  • < 5.7 ill get it to true reversal because 5.7 to 6.3 is PRE-D by current standards. But 6 is a good progress indeed.

  • Within 2014 I have brought down my HBA1C from 11.6% to 7.9% without medication. I am 61.

    Since three weeks I have reduced carbohydrates to about 175 grams but in the first four weeks I brought down HBA1C from 11.6% to 9.0% consuming 6x100 gram tortillas daily (the label said carbs were 50% or 50 grams each) so my blood sugar average did come down despite more than 300 grams of carbohydrates daily. No medicines except I increased Flaxseed from two tablespoonful to four and took 2 gram cinnamon. It is for this reason I have slight reservation in agreeing totally with medfree. (Data on glycemic index, glycemic load and carb content are on the internet)

  • Carry on with what you re doing. Only time will tell how correct you are in consuming 300gms carbs. Too much of flaxseed is not good. 4TBSP is just too much. Cinnamon if of wrong type can cause toxicity and also liver damage. That said, at the end of the day you have to control carbs (GI is an out dated nutritional tool).

    When I see anything above 160 on my meter for PPBS I panic. I always prefer meter readings below 140-150. At the end of the day, you will "have to" cut down on carbs. Sooner it is the better it will be for long term health.

    Walking 8 km/day just for covering carbs is not my cup of tea. I would rather cut down carbs than walk mindlessly.

  • Medfree, I average 150-175 g Carb these days. I hope to bring it down further. Cinnamon was from GNC and they claim it is non toxic...

  • Great. I am sure you will settle down with 100-120gms carbs/day soon and that will give you good numbers and also allow you to cut down your walking. 8 Km/day in my opinion is a bit too much keeping in mind that we need to safeguard our joints too. A 1 to 1.5 km walk after the two heavy meals i find optimal in case sugar levels aren't coming down in safe range. There was a time hen i used to do this 40 -50 minutes after first bite (lunch and dinner) presuming that peaks would stat building up by the end of first hour. Then i stopped walking completely around 10 months back and my A1C did climb up from 5.2 to 5.6. Now I just do unplanned walk and random in nature.

    As for cinnamon, whenever i ant to take i prefer seeped in the green tea that i take. The water soluble component is always non toxic. Do you know there are lobbies now working vehemently to shutdown operations like GNC? There's a campaign now against vitamins and supplements in he US, possibly because it is hurting the business of Pharma Companies there.

  • In 2013 I averaged 4 km walk per day, so 8 is not much. Well, of the 8 km

    I jog less than ten minutes. So I do not suppose my limbs are at big risk.

  • Jogging I am not a big fan of primarily because of impact damage on joints specially at this age. From calorie burn out point of view also, walking and jogging the same distance hardly as 25% advantage in favor of jogging but at the risk of impact damage to joints.

  • To decide walking impairment, it needs investigation. Often it is independent of diabetes. In 2005 I was almost paralyzed. Please email me:

  • Sir, check vitamin D ,test it and take advice.I was facing similar problem ,my Vit D was 4.7.After taking inj & vit D tab as advice by Dr. now I am fine.

  • Thanks for the advice I will get it check

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