Fasting sugar 7.15am 127 consistently in spite of all the diet control and a tab of 500 mg metformin sr. No clue why as it is not supposed

to be so. Today I got up early at 5.00 am and thought of checking. It was 109 at 5.15 am. Watched TV for next 2 hrs and checked. Surprise 127 at 7.15 am. If this gives an indication that while 7.15 am level appears high, at 5.15 am level is under control (given the -ve tolerance of meter)

All the worry I was having at my 7.15 am level unwarranted? If my bs is level is raising inly after 5.00 am reaches a level of 127 by 7.15 am, I need not worry unduly. Can forum members share experience and guide.

Can I drop this metformin sr also and do this check again.

(For ref: male, age 62, 52kgs, 5' 9" type 2 for 13 years, dropped glynase mf, low carb diet, retired and sedentary life stye, not the exercising or walking type, fairly active.)

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  • Try getting up at 7.15 a.m and check b.s. After getting up at 5,00 a.m if you watch TV and move here and there,it is likely that the body has automatically released some sugar.

  • Every day getting up around 7.15 and find bs 127

  • Try going for a light walk (no need to do brisk walk) from 6:15 to 6:45 am

    Check Sugar at 7:15 as you normally do. If readings are satisfactory then drop MF-SR. Do keep us posted.

  • For some diabetics, the fasting blood glucose goes high and this phenomenon is called dawn effect. When the blood glucose is low in the early hours, liver starts releasing the stored harmone 'glycogen', which shoots up the FBG Normally doctor's advise the person to take a snack food before retiring to bed to overcome this effect .Please consult your doctor for remedy.

  • Please provide more details on this, my father is having same issues.

  • BS level change every 45 minutes. Don't worry too much. If you worry, BS will change. Follow LCHF diet and worry about HBAC1.

  • Exactly! I wouldn't consider this a red flag if A1C is fine (< 5.6).

  • Please search web for Dawn phenomenon and you will get all the answers.Even in this forum this phenomenon has been discussed several times,so you can also search this forum.

    You are grossly under weight.May be bs is not under proper control.109 at 5am should be considered high.What about PBS and Hb1Ac?

  • Thanks for all response. Daily I do not get up at 5 only at 7.00. My fasting bs I am clisely watching which is always around 127. Only when I take glynase mf at night this comes down. But I fear low sugar even with 1/2 tab.

    My question is, if it is 109 at 5.15 am and 127 at 7.15am, should I worry unduly?

    1. My weight has been this way for long and lower than normal 5 kg

    2. I have read about dawn syndrome and if it takes effect after 5 am i think the bs level is definitely under control till then.

    Pl comment

  • Shoot-up from 109 to 127 is not a red flag if your A1C is normal. Try and maintain it below 5.6 and ignore these little spikes as along as it is not spiking too high. A1C in any case would also go up if BS spikes up. Just keep a watch on PPBS.

  • Only metmorphin 500 mg is not working.make it 1000 mg.

  • In am going through a similar phenomena at the moment. I guess it will take some time. (Perhaps you should see what happens if you stop metformin for a few days)

    Mine morning glucose level improved slightly when I take about 15 grams carbohydrate around 2 A.M. and an apple at 5 before going for a walk. At 7 A.M. it is 140-155, previously it had been 170 - 215)

    However, I did not observe those highs for a week! Just two or three days may be insufficient time to draw conclusions!!


  • Although 127 is not really high it's still technically in the diabetic range which is anything 126 and above. I used to have fasting blood sugar levels of over 200. I stopped eating potatoes and grains of any-kind including rice, corn and wheat products. I lost weight through increased exercise and over a couple of months I began to control my blood sugar. I started taking 3 Metformin a day, then 2, and then none. I'm also 62 and when I awake this morning and tested my blood it was at 99. Sometimes it's a couple of points higher and sometimes a couple of points lower. Eat small amounts of meat, lots of vegetables and fruits a day (more than 10 servings), add a serving a day of nuts such as almonds, drink little or no alcohol and ride a bike daily if you can.

  • Dropping grains has helped you isn't it?. I keep saying this but few Charlatans are opposed to this because they want to be living High carb Low fat diet and cover it up with cocktail of drugs the dose of which only increases as time progresses. . Cut down carbs drastically and get rid of drugs :)

  • How ride on bike helps reducing level

  • Well done and very good information for healthy living. This is more useful to all our collegues in this forum.

  • Better avoid the tabs and strict to diet control.

  • metformin SR releases very little or practically no release of the medicine.

    Try replacing with plain metformin and see the difference.

    what you are watching in TV also releases stress hormones raising your blood sugar.

    switch to watching less stressful channels like discovery, animal planet, aastha, sanskar etc and see the difference

  • I don't think what you said about MF-SR is true. As for Nane's FBS levels, it has been like this despite everything (watching TV or No TV, MF or No MF). If there's liver dump then restricting carbs further can and should help. At his levels I would simply ignore and not worry too much about FBS as long as A1C and PPBS are fine.

  • Nane, mother nature may be giving you a message: you may be able to achieve target Blood sugar without chemical pollution/distortion caused by chemicals. (Though metformin is the safest, it has negatives . . . impairs insulin production) [P.S: I am 61 and first time I reversed Diabetes in 2005. In 2008 I did not complete the test to confirm reversal. In Jan 2014 I was 11.6% and last weekend it was 7.9%. I check sugar level up to ten times a day. No Metformin to date]

  • Why do you check 10 times a day?

    Are you type 1?

  • No, I check to verify what foods and what quantities consistently cause how much of a spike. Unfortunately, medical doctors even in US are a limited help. Unless you have a very conscientious 'Certified Diabetic Diet Trainer' available to you in North America, you do not get focused advice! My target is to keep the 2 hour post prandial up to 185. So, I do up to ten checks to adjust my food intake time table. Last Saturday my A1C was 7.9% down from 11.6% on January 11 (it came in stages, 9.8% than 9.0%)...

  • Believe me .... 185 is too high.

    All this means is you could be spiking up to 250 at 1 hr level and that's truly dangerous.

  • Is not 45-60 minutes peak or spike time for 75 gram pure glucose if it is taken as liquid? I perceive fiber loaded foods take over 90 minutes.

  • Pure glucose has spiked me at 60 min when i did OGTT at home reaching 229 (so perhaps around 190 by lab). YMMV= Your Mileage May Vary.

    Protein loaded diet could even spike you late at 3-4 hrs as has been reported with PASTA. So yes, food mixing will have an impact on when peak is hit. Adding fiber will reduce/delay spikes, adding fat will delay/reduce further as FAT decreases the GI of the meal.

  • Was wondering, whether Fat decreases the GI or Fat acts as a barrier & by the time the juices reach beyond the fat, the food has nearly passed beyond the absorption stage.

  • It mimics a lower GI because fat delays emptying of stomach. Some take Byetta drug for this (delay stomach emptying) whereas others eat saturated fat (on Low carb Of course) :)

  • I had the same problem. My doc told me not to worry. The doc said the effect of earlier dose of medication at night may have started reducing whereas sugar release of food digestion continues. I started taking medicine as early as 6.00 am as soon as I wake up.

    A walk in the evening also helps to reduce Fasting sugar levels. However never ignore PP sugar.

    All said & done, HbA1c is very important.

  • How many grammes of carbohydrate do you eat per day, and how many for your last evening meal?

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  • Nothing will work if you still keep eating the HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense that your doctor or dietician tells (if they do) you. You have to switch to Low Carb High Fat diet and gain control of your diabetes. I am a diabetic since 2011 and haven't taken any drugs so far.

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