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Diabetes well controle

I m male 55 diabetic 2 since 2000.i take 2tab GLYMET DS 5mg daily for sugar and one tab Amcard 5 mg daily for high BP.But always feel weakness and useless life.

Atleast last 4month i started supplement food with my medicine now i feel young and strong .At this time problem is only itching on feet and weak erection .kindly

MEDFREE OR ANY BODY tell me whose supplement is useful for me. Thanks

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It will be easy if you provide following details

1. Your weight in Kg

2. Resent sugar level report details fasting and PP.

3. Nature work you are doing.


If you are feeling young and strong, why ED? Your medicines could be promoting ED. Have you tried to move to LCHF diet+ supplement and reduce the dose of your medicines, while keeping constant check on BS?


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