I am diabetic for 8 years. My PP is always above 200 and fasting between 140-180.I used to have morning walk for 40 minute with normal diet

My HbA1c range is 10. I check my sugar every Sunday through glucometer.I am taking medicine-Diamicron XR Met-500 before lunch and dinner and pioglit MF-15 after lunch and dinner.I am not a smoker or alchoholic. Kindly help in this regard.


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  • Diet should be your main weapon. Walk and medicine come later. Cut down on carbs and you will find immediate results.

  • Yours is uncntrolled diabetic. You will end up in complications. Chek with diabatologist.

  • your hb1ac is too high, it should be between 5.5. plse be careful about your sugar intake and see your doctor for higher medication because the diam. xr met-500 is too low, if possible 1000


  • consult your physician and shift to metformin plain500mgswith breakfast, lunch and dinner,add 2mgs of glimiperide(amaryl)half hour before breakfast once a day, reduce your total quantity of food items by one third in breakfast lunch and dinner, replacing them with green salads only, try it for 2 weeks and repeat Fasting and pp sugar.

  • Dear 140675,

    Your Blood sugar, both Fasting and PP, and HBA1C are astronomically high. Do you consult a doctor regularly. It seems not. You are at great risk of all possible complications. As you may know diabetes is a silent killer. you are deliberately inviting more health problems. You should take immediate action.

    When you say normal diet, does it include sweets, sugar etc? I know some people go to lab / see doctor give blood samples and eat sweets from shops nearby. This is cheating ourselves. One must know that not only the blood sugar be in the limits during blood sampling/ tests but should remain in prescribed limits during the 24 hour period.

    Imagine you put some sugar in a glass of water and allow to get it dissolved. You will find that the solution has become more thick, or in technical terms more viscous. This high viscous liquid will not pass as easily through a capillary as regular water with reduced viscosity flows trough it. Same analogy applies blood also.

    The blood with higher sugar content will not flow through your miles of small capillaries and those parts will be starving of blood, oxygen and nutrients and eventually die. Organs connected to these capillaries will thus be affected and you will have more ailments.

    Hope I could explain the complications i a simple way. Consult your doctor immediately, and save your life.

  • A day before you monitor your blood sugar, stay on raw green vegetable salad and drink enough water monitor your blood sugar next day, I hope that might help you

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