How do I take fresh Guduchi / Tinospora Cordifolia?

I'm currently traveling through South East Asia and I've found some wild Tinospora cordifolia/Guduchi plants growing in the hillside nearby. I've read all about the benefits of Guduchi and it's use in Ayurvedic medicine in India for thousands of years so I am really excited to try it. However I can't find any information on how to consume the freshly picked stems. Even though I have read that fresh is better than dried, all the info I've seen talks about extracts or dried powders.

So how do I take fresh Guduchi? Boil the stem like a tea? Chew it like a Pirate? Blend it? Juice it? And how much of this stem should I eat? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • chew the leaves firstand then chew the stem and spit out the fiber. If leaves are large, about 6, otherwise 8-10. if stem is very tender about a meter, if thick about a foot. Enjoy.

  • I was hoping you would reply, thanks Mr. Anil Gupta! I'll have to go back for the leaves -- the stem sure is bitter! But it's like they say, "Bitter is Better."

  • Tender one is less bitter. Enjoy it as a snack. Make sure you also chew the tougher one. Will also make yr teeth stronger which is also a hazard for DT2. Leaves are like a salad. Some kids keep asking me what am i chewing and why?

  • Does it help manage blood glucose?

  • Hi Norreal. Yes, here is a great thread about it, but it also has many many other health benefits:

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    With my Namaskarms. Regarding Tinospora there are two sps. 1.Tinospora cordiflora and T.malabarica and regarding the use for curing the diabetes problem the leaf juice is used along with other ingredients. The first one is used while the second one is wild variety and if you are very much interested when you come to Kerala you can see the plant in its live condition.


  • Take a 2 inch piece of the thick stem, as thick as your finger. Peel off the brown bark. Inside there is a vivid green skin. Wash and crush the stem, put it in a glass of water and keep it in the fridge overnight. Drink it early in the morning after stirring and filtering. Throw away the bits. Repeat process of infusion and Have a glass in the evening. I think blood sugar may come down in 15 days. I have just started trying it. We can get a bunch of stems for Rs. 10/ from local herbal medicine shops.

    See the following:

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