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Long Wheat Confirmation which I purchased.


Long Wheat Confirmation which I purchased. I had used LW from yesterday. Please confirm I got the right wheat. In bottom line wheat is LW and upper one is ordinary wheat.

Pl confirm.

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Please check with Mr. Shootergeorge. I commented earlier a pic earlier. That comment is valid only for the normal wheat you have shown. The bottom line is perhaps Long Wheat.

As I mentioned earlier it is all mixed up. I do not see much of Long wheat in the picture.

The given picture of LW seems not the same.

Pl go to the post of Mr Shooter George in which he has given pictures of the same. He has given some of the photos of packets sent by some members also.


Aiyaraj, suji,

He has done a wise thing.

It is an identification parade :-) to weed out those-who-know & one-who-knows-not-but-pretents-to-be-knowing :D

Top row is Common Wheat & bottom is Long Wheat.

See the picture I took half a decade ago appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Pictures for comparison, Preparing LWM

Thank You Sir.

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