Medical terms :

Diabetic protect the liver ,

Kolestiral reduces to ,

To prevent constipation ,

Beet root juice reduces blood pressure .

Boron , mostly because of the "aphrodisiac" may as a sex hormons .

Cancer Prevention usage sharpened to a lesser extent .

Suffered from high blood pressure ? However, tagandi beetroot juice . The latest study revealed that it is to reduce the high blood pressure . He also met with the nitric oxide in the blood to produce nitrates . Vipparela blood vessels and contributes to the blood pressure and hold down the gas . As a result, undataniki contribute to heart health . Therefore, 250 mg daily . G . Raw beetroot juice is drunk there . Nitrates in beetroot is not only .. Vitamins , minerals , amino acids are Dandy . There is also a sailisiya kyalsiyanni to help the body to utilize . Bitrutku red color that is characteristic of bitasaiyaninku peddapegullo fighting cancer .

7 Replies

  • Difficult to follow with a mixture of English and Telugu.

  • Its true Sir. Can't follow anything. I had a good laugh with your statement.

  • Its not clear what you trying to say

  • Normally Beat root is not considered as good for diebeties though it is good for health such as constipation & Blood pressure etc.Will appreciate if you further clerify as what you want to say.

  • beetroot for diabetic?incorrect, please write in such away -so that others could understand your view

  • Is it mixed telugu?

    If any telugu knowing person clarifies will be appreciated.

  • What I feel is he trying to say something to protect Liver . Whatever it is we can try acupressure for controling any kind of side effects.

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