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Health Benefits of Ginger

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is also found in the kitchen or herbal medicines . The use of ginger contains several specific properties - are in minor ailments . This phlegm , cough, cold , headache , back pain, rib and chest pain and sweating bringing the Du ... Su Rome opens up the pores . Drug use it as arthritis , Ryumetik arthritis ( rheumatism , diseases of the joints ), bone disease, sciatica and neck and spine ( cervical spondylitis ) Upon loss of appetite , cramps , Amoebic dysentery , cough , colds , asthma and body fever with pain , constipation , ear pain, be puking , sprain , and menstrual irregularities have colic , anti - fungal . In all these diseases ginger ( dry ginger ) is used as a medicine . Ginger has also been found as a painkiller . Using this painful menstruation , migraine , indigestion and infections and asthma as to provide relief and to promote vitality and longevity is made . Rheumatic diseases of various kinds , and non Steraid analgesic drugs are often given where there Krtikosteraid ginger juice is very good too . Ginger leprosy , jaundice , blood, bile , fever, inflammation disease, etc. is useful in medicine . Ginger juice is beneficial for the stomach as well as the swelling of the body , jaundice , urinary disorders , asthma , ascites , etc. is beneficial in diseases . The drug destroys air disorder . Is also useful for hair . Ginger juice also controls dandruff . Harmful bacteria in the mouth by eating ginger also die .


1 - injury - taking ginger fine and warm . The pain at the site about half an inch ( thickness ) approximately 2 hours after impedimental plaster bandage and plaster removed and make mustard oil with a compress . The advantage to this process as soon as possible each day .

2 - indigestion - after lunch Pratःsay ginger and lemon juice mixed drink Sedhanmk turns away from the living indigestion . And there seems to be plenty hungry .

3 - Earache - jejunely hot ginger juice and put in ear earache instantly expires .

4 - Dntsul - Dato Dato between pieces of ginger in pain when pain is relieved by holding Dato .

5 - Snnipatik fever - ginger juice mixed in the Trikuta and Sedhanmk surrounded phlegm in the throat pay slips . Jissen patient get relief .

6 - Pneumonia - 2-1 year old ginger juice mixed with warm melted butter and coat Kpur immediate benefits.


Medicinal use of ginger ginger

In the pre- salt diet by eating ginger shavings overtly hungry , arouses interest in food , mucus and air purification are not diseases and throat and tongue .

Equal amounts of onion juice and drink ginger vomiting (emesis ) is discontinued .

Cold in winter by eating ginger looks a little jaggery and produces heat in the body . Against cold cough with expectoration of cough medicine it is unmistakable .

Ginger - small pieces placed in the mouth by sucking Hiccoughs are blank .

Molar teeth and pain caused by cold ginger juice sucking down profit.

A glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of ginger juice to Kulle halitosis is blank .

If headache due to cold dry ginger in the oil or water to plaster on Giskr head prop .

One gram of dry ginger powder were abdominal pain , asafoetida and a little funky with hot water by taking advantage of rock salt occurs.

You ginger fruit - vegetable it or call the eccentric drug , it has loads . Most homes use ginger diversely used . An important part of food and drugs , both of ginger or dry ginger is used . The use of ginger contains several specific properties - are in minor ailments .

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Ginger should not be used if your taking warfarin.


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