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My daughter aged 21 years has developed a swelling in her neck right side but no pain, what could that be ?

she has seen MS who has referred her to endocrinologist who has advised thyroid Test. No Thyroid is seen and he has administered Thyronorm one tablet half an hour before breakfast and Shell call 500mg daily one after lunch for four months. Hope line of treatment is correct and the swelling will subside. Please give me suggestion. Thanks

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Are you from India or Abroad ? I would only suggest to check in a health store or Walmart a bottle of Anderson Concentrated Mineral Drops., it is a natural multi mineral supplement that is completely organic, natural and has no side effects. This product has 72 minerals in ionic and balanced form. You will be surprised to note the health benefits that this product can give your family. Two times Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling, discovered that, "You Can Trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a Mineral Deficiency".

I have seen in scores of people around me, that when they start taking this natural supplement they have had miraculous recovery in every disease or illness, be it life style diseases like Diabetes, Heart problem, Dialysis of Kidney, Paralysis, Women's menstrual problems, no lactation, child less couples have been blessed with child... the list goes on and on.

I know scores of people in my life who had the above problems, which for some where chronic and severe, within a month to three months of taking this natural product they start enjoying the blessed life of a healthy individual.

My wife is a third stage cancer survivor, and if you ask me one single reason why the cancer has not re-occurred or why there is no metastatis ( spread to other organs, which is life-threatening.) I would point to this product.

If you can't trace the product in your region, give me a email on jitenthacker@hotmail.com or call +919323491051 and I shall assist you.

I wish your daughter good healh. God Bless your child.


J. K. Thacker.

Disclaimer : I am not a doctor and this product is not a medicine. ( even though the results are better than medicines).


Good info.can try.not used it.but going to


very good information,thank u.i vl contact u.


Can you please advice is it available in Bangalore grventerprises@gmail.com 919448515566


Good. Do try. It is an excellent natural product.


thanks, i will contact you soon, visit gabhaayurved.com


If thyroid is normal why thyronorm? You show it to a surgeon , she may need biopsy.


i also agree with you. Should consult a surgeon ASAP. She may need biopsy. Pls don't take chance by taking herbal products or any food supplement. hope nothing serious.


Consult a health professional.

Could she be iodine deficient?


Consult a general medicine Doctor who can help you. He will prescribe proper medicine and advise what to do.N othing to worry.Medicines are available for hyperthyroid and hypothyroid in allopathyYour daughter may have to take medicine for longer time.For hypo, there are options of operation or life long medicine administration.For hyper, medicine or iodine therapy available.You have to start treatment at earliest before complications arise.My daughter is having hyper thyroid since the last three years. She has gone for Ayurveda and homeo,but for the last one year she is taking allopathic medicines.She has been better with it and is relieved of various problems of hyper thyroid.She may have to take medicine for the next five years.She did not opt iodine therapy,Donot go for any self or cheap medication.Otherwise please dont worry.Blood testing for thyroid is costly.My sister ,after treatment for hyper thyroid for six years,has fully recovered.After taking medicine you may have to test three or four times a year.Good lab gives normal healthy values along with your daughter's values and you can compare both.Go to a good lab doing the tests by themselves.Smaller labs send the blood sample to bigger labs. Feel free to contact at 0477 2230613 or 9495539079 for any help !!!Do not worry at all!!!!


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