My daughter is 22 years old working in . Private company. She had something swelling in the neck and had been to Doctor.Doctor checked her

heart beat and said it is beating around 110 times a minute . Is it ALARMING or ok ?. Please let me know. She is taking Thyronorm and shell cal 500 as suggested by the Doctor. If she takes the medicines swelling disappears and medicine is stopped swelling appears. My problem is 110 heart beat is it normal or abnormal for my Daughter.Please let me know .

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  • It will be much better if you joined Thyroid Forum.

  • This is not right forum to discuss the issue. Take two opinions from different doctors.

  • ITcould be the side effect of thyronorm.Any way ,it is better to consult with a DR.She should see another DR too.Heart rate 110 is toobad.Greetings for the day...........

  • Pl consult a Dr MD or a cardiologist as well an endocrenalogist. This question is for your family doctor not to this forum or any. Have seond opinion and check if your daughtre takes the medicine. If you dont take yes, the Heart rate will increase.

    On you own dont discontinue any thyroid medicine, but ay do so when admitted as in patient under observation.

    B W

  • Thyronorm is thyroxine -the hormone of thyroid,

    they are replacing the missing hormone.

    your daughter has hypothyroidism.

    and shell cal 500 is calcium.i am taking it everyday. it is food supliment.

    is the doctor a thyroid specialist.

    calcium interferes with the absorption of thyroxine.she may require only a lesser amount of thyroxine probanly[ that is if you can remove the calcium supliment]

    but dont do anything with out consulting the doc.

    a better prescription may help. means a thyroid specialist!!

    good luck

  • there is nothing wrong in discussing with the present doctor with calcium removal on an experimental basis.

    but in no case dont treat yourself with advice from this or any other forum.

    hormones are not a JOKE to play with .

  • Hormones are really no joke. Yet the doctor who was attending to my wife's thyroid issue first prescribes 100mcg eltroxin and when i questioned on dose he reduces it to 50mcg. I started with 25mcg and her numbers are great. I asked the doctor about Armour (natural thyroid hormone from pigs) and he said he has never heard of it. Doctors do play with the dose of hormones!

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