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Greetings to all, I have been going through the discussion on the subject posted by supra617 on alternative treatment for diabetes. I like to share my exp. 3 months back i was in banglaore and happened to visit an organic outlet. there they have placed the product known as diabetes defense. out of curiosity i spoke to owner and he called up the company manger and asked me to speak to them. they explained about the product in detail and was convinced. i purchased 3 bottles and now i am on that medicine. i am able to reduce my intake medicines by 90% and shortly i will be stopping all my allopathic drugs. now i am able to walk for long. my immunity has increased and stress and strains are not seen with me now. really it is wonderful product & should benefit all. If required to know more you can write to me on chandrrecuriter@yahoo.com where in i can share my exp in detail and my conditions too.

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It would be nice to know more details about this "Diabetic Defense" bottle of medicine, the contents, ingredients, dosages,

how & where to obtain. Also while on allopathic medicine, is it alright to be on non allopathic medicine simultaneously without jeopardizing the health? Please share more about your experience.

Highly appreciatively yours



Pls share the name of the outlet in Bangalore. Thanx


it will be better if u or the company gave details of products , contents ,effects & cost with where to get it from so that all study the claim made by the product , my e id is sudan.madhu70@yahoo.com. pl send above details. thanks.


Dear friends. Thank you for the response to my mail. for more information on the product, I request you to speak to the Manager of the company Mr.Prasanna Kumar on +919632719459 or can send the mail to gvprasanna11@gmail.com. I am confident that, he will be able to help you and will clarify all your doubts.



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