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Is medicines or supplements good for controlling diabetes..?


Hi Every One,

Is medicines or supplements good for controlling diabetes..?

Personally have used both of above and can say that medicines(with high dosage) will control blood sugar level but with lot of side effects. However, after using supplements which were suggested by my close relative i noticed a very good improvement as it has no side effects and it actually addresses the cause of diabetes and helps improve bodies immune system and helped decrease blood sugar levels naturally.

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life style change and regular exercise is best.

Watching out for hidden and free sugar in food and drinks can help towards a healthy life, supplements may be a waste of money compared to fresh veg ,fruits and nuts.

I need to check for long term implication for use of supplement (Say more than a year) but for short term (i have been using it for 6 months now and i am doing good and stopped using medicines. but still i do regular exercise and have a healthy diet which is pre-requisite irrespective of medicines or supplements..

What are your blood test numbers a year ago and now?

Year ago - Before Food 182 and after food 340

Now - Before Food 120 and after food 180

Above numbers is for my father.. who is aged around 58

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Did your doctor say it was okay to stop taking medication? Please let them know that you have done this ( if you haven’t done it, yet) to be on the safe side of things. No one wants anyone getting sick or worse.

I didn't stop medication all of a sudden, it was a gradual process over a period of three months, kept decreasing medicines intake while adding supplements but with proper guidance from diatetion.. I didn't felt need to ask doctor to stop Medicines as the numbers were with in limit and that to over a period of time.. I just wanted to try out supplements as medicines had lot of side effects and it weakened him a lot..

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What was the blood sugars after dinner? Before bedtime?

Can you give details of supplements you are using?

Hello --welcome to this group.

When your father was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes ?

What was A1C then - and what was A1C - last 12 months - 4 times ?

What are names of supplements ? are these Ayurvedic ( herbal ) supplements ?


overt the counter synthetic supplements ?

please share names and dosages of the supplements taken by your father.

Have you done a Glycomark blood test for him ?

BS reading of 180 after food is still on high side. Check few more times.

How often do you check BS ?

You mentioned high dosages of medicines ? what are the names and dosages ?

Were they prescribed by a physician ( doctor ) ?

What side effects he had and from which medicine ?

Please reply each one in detail- with honesty--this will help many other Indians and others

who are thinking about non- medicinal approach, specially at beginning stage.

Supplements and diabetes... Pls see the link....

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