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We can still control our diabet

Through constant physical exercice ( notso heavy ) with regular diets we can still maintain and control our diabet. As for the fat problems, garlics, soya beans, pinach , green beans, are very good to reduce the fate.Red rice is not sobad but should be limited. Must drink more water and tea without milk or tea with few drops of milk without sugar.

30 minutes physical exercice ( gym, jogging, walking without stop, ) is very good for heart.

Of course Ishall be available to organise once in a way some sort of physical exercices withour friends;

In India rice is the main part of our food but this should be little by little avoided. In place of rice you will find grains, lentils, noodles but idly,sapathi,borota should be reduced. if our Indian backeries produce Bread without sugar , certainly we can reduce the diabets in India or TN to a maximum.

We should try to ask our bakeries to produce more and more bread items without sugar and less salt.

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