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The authenticity of LCHF Diet for Diabetics Nationally& Internationally-ScientificApproach

The A D A&even Indian Diabetic Association,The Famous Dr. Mohans Diabetic institute,The

fomous Endocrinologists around the world ,have not suggested so far this particular LCHF

Diet to D B patients!But the frequent interaction of the D B patients on the Diabetic Forum

seems to be overwhelmingly in favour of LCHF! OH! My God What to do?Where to go?

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This LCHF is discussed for a long time on this forum.

I have been following no carb diet almost 90% for last 3 months. I take eggs, chicken and paneer, either or, every alternate day and green salad with curd and little cheese. So far my FBS and PPBS are below 120. So I think, people should make trial and error for diet. Which food keeps the BS normal may be selected. We are not scientist but we can try different food for better results. Medicines and exercise has no excuse for DP


I do not have experience on the subject therefore I do not want to express any view.However,I saw a presentation by Dr.Chauncey Crandall,reportedly a leading cardiologist of U.S.I thought many will be interested.as to what he says.Please open the link below:



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