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It has been claimed by the ayurvedic pharmacies in India that the herbal medicines are very good for so many diseases. In an article, few months ago, I read that the Indian herbal pharmacies use ARISTOLOCHIC acid to manufacture most of the Indian herbs. This acid is known to cause cancer. None of the Indian herbal pharmacies have responded to this article, creating a big doubt of using the acid, and its effects. Can somebody make anykind of clarification as the action of the Indian herbal medicines pharmacies is shrouded. Nothing is clear about the use of such substances, which surround a human being with more diseases than these medicines cure him.

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herbal juices and pills do not have any side effects as these are not mixed with any chemicals or acids while preparing or for that matter for preserving. I have not come across any patented Ayurvedic drug(pill or concoction) for Diabetes. most of the remedies suggested are to be prepared and used on a day to day basis.

for e.g. paste of neem leaves, bay leaves, mint, bilva and tulsi rolled into marble sized pill and swallowed on empty stomach is known to cure diabetes in the long run.

It is said that a strict and controlled diet and excercises/walking help in quickening the cure.

So also juice of cucumber(Kakdi if that is right), bitter gourd(karelu if I am right),cabbage-the bulb variety, mixed with the gum like substance obtained by soaking sliced lady's finger in water over night and the slimy water obtained by soaking methi seeds overnight is known to control sugar levels. - lpsastry


We can understand the silence of Indian Herbal Pharmacies is undertsandable.

Each and every medicine has a side effect (always read the fine print written somewhere on the packet). Generally you are not given the cover of the packet containing fine print of caution/warning of taking medicine & its side effect. You are cured by your "own good bacterias" present in your body called Immune system. Pharmceutical Industry is a commercial business. Even if they know that their medicines are killing people. they will stop manufacturing, but, will keep selling till stock is over.

You know about your illness through pain in the body. So, most of the medicines have pain killer. How pain killer works? It makes the brain nerves to sleep for 3 to 4 hours. You feel that medicine is working. However, in the long run, it is damaging your brain and lever (read the fine print on the packet).

So, never change your eating habits. Eat the food which your parents used to eat. Most of the diseases are caused through food and air. The best way to remain healthy is to have morning walk in fresh air containing maximum oxygen & eat your traditional food


90% of the Indian Medicine is made out of raw herbs. The very concept of Ayurveda is to use the Naturally available herbs and salts. They are not super processed like the Allopathic or Homeopathic medicines. The statement seems to be to suppress the outbreak of Ayurveda in recent times.


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