Diabetes prevention

S Vyasa University, Jiagani, Karnataka has launched a mission for Diabetes prevention all over India. They have an effective remedy.


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  • I am a diabetic patient for the last 12 yrs. I am taking allopathy medicine. At present my sugar level is with medicine on PP 120/PPBS 230. My age is 52 weight is 67 and hieght 5' 6". Can I swich over to alternate medicnie. What will be the cost?

  • I would advise you to contact ms Uma maheshwari, Co-ordinator,S Vyasa Centre, Kilapuk, Chennai Phone 9381311100/ 9380560781

  • Hi my age is 43 and height is 6 feet having sugar levels of 90 & 160 average fasting & post meal. I am taking Glucored M1 with Metlida Fort once in day before lunch.Suggest me for alternate medicine & can I take sweets ?

  • What other details you want ? Please let me know I will share you

  • My id is mkhataokar@gmail.com, I am not having any side effects only stamina is reduced and not able to get sound sleep due to mental stresses

  • What is the remedy? Should I give the details and treatment presently taking?Or is it a universal general remedy?Lpsastry

  • I know S Vyasa yoga university very well.They are dedicated people.The institution was founded by Dr.H.R.Nagendra,a former NASA scientist who returned to India to persue Yoga research.The ashram is spread over about 100 acres with all modern facilities.Anybody interested in yoga therapy,particularly stress management will find this place as marvelous.

  • They have opened a Centre in Kilpauk, Chennai. Contact Ms. Uma Maheshwari Coordinator 9381311100/ 9380560781

  • I 'v been to S Vyasa for a while but i never know about their antidiabetic mission. Could you please give me details.

  • I am diabetic from last 3 yrs 125/180 level 3AB1c 5.8

    Age 63 yrs wt.76kg height 173cms normal built

    Normally prefer vegetarian food frm last 2 yrs on Doctor advise once

    a month eat fish.

    My digestion is weak can't over eat

    Psoriasis frm last 50 yrs frm last 10 yrs no medicine & it's almost gone

    Nails affected due to this .

    B.p is 75/115 after taking 1 tab. LOSAR -H


    Stress & Negative thoughts always there

    Rest my health is perfect

    Happy Family no problem frm any side

    I go for walk 2 to 3 kms in morning & stay

    In park for 1 hr. also play Billiards in evening &

    walk almost 1 km.

    Medication ---- 1 tb. JALRA M50 /500 After breakfast

    1 tb. For BP ----LOSAR -h & 1 tb. CENTRUM



    Also drink cinnamon tea

  • Sir my hand phone is 9899099099

    My report is with all kind of fruit & sweets I eat

    But moderate .My tea 5 to 6 cups a day is without


  • I am Prabir Kr. Ghosh, my age is 63 yrs. weight is 55 Kg. height is 5'-6" and my mail ID is ghoshsomentah3@gmail.com

  • May I know what purpose this Info is intended if it does not give any details of the SVedavyasa University Medication for Diabetics.

  • Pl visit svyasa.org

  • where is this s. vyasa yoga university?

  • Pray let us know what is the remedy, don.t you think it will be useful for so many people suffering from Diabetes.

  • Pl.visit www,svyasa.org

    SVyasa university is the only Yoga University in the world, It is in Jigani, near Hosur,


  • Where is this?

  • Thank you Sankaran


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