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Gymnema sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is also known as Madhunashini in Hindi. The dried powder of this wonder herb can be purchased at any Ayurveda store. 500 mg of this taken along with your main meals will lead to better blood sugar control,both fasting and postprandial.There are many published scientific studies which indicate that in addition to addressing the problem of insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetics,it may also help in regeneration of beta cells in the pancreas thus enhancing your ability to produce your own natural insulin.Try it out.I have and have managed to reduce my Allopathic medicines by 75%.

The benefits of this herb will be better derived if accompanied by a low carbohydrate,high green and low Glycemic index food diet and regular long walks.

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If anyone has used this herbal medicine and derived good benefits may please write a blog.


Yes, very true, I agree with the second para totally.

I am taking gynem.. which is in green tea preparation, Dia T, ( I don't have a brief from the company). At the same time I am following the policy of ---No sugar,No sweets, No energy drinks, No package foods, No diabetic foods, No sugar free products, No carbs beyond ,may be100-125 gms/day, No sweetener, ( Only dextrose for two cups of coffee per day)

I am using olive oil for salad dressing and coconut oil for other cooking, consuming nuts in moderate quantity daily, fruits daily ( exception of few) ( with a limit of fructose to15-gms/ day. Lately started using olives with salad.

1.5 km walk per day, using soaked fenugreek before everymeal.

My A1C has come down from above 7 a year back to 5.9 now, BS from 157 , 3 months back to128 (PP)

How do we identify which component of food has lead to this.



thanks a million; I take Madhunashini tabs of Patanjali Ayurved/Baba Ramdev's org. I've been irregular, but now getting serious, have made it a point to take daily on empty stomach - mornings and evenings but you mention about taking alongside meals. The Patanjali advisors advised em on empty stomach. I'm convicned Patanjali's medicines are free of steroids and everything's genuine. It's just that few sections/strata of Society envy his progress, etc. May I ask, who is mfr. of your Madhunashini??? thanks inb advance, in MUmbai, Patanjali has one outlet at Princess Street, next to Parsi Dairy Farm.


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