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food supplement

SPIRULINA is a food supplement is promoted by WHO through IIMSAM. As per iimsam it is 60% veg. protein enrich containing some 45 types of minerals, carbs, vitms & lipids which r our body need. it is safe to give any one even for prolonged use. it reduces the toxins from our blood. AS IT IS ELEGY NEEDS RICH WATER INTAKE. it contains GLA which is available in mother's feed to regulate the hormonal disorder. it saves u from many problems. pl. search & then get back to me. if any one is in the community is from Kanpur or delhi or lko can contact me I will arrange to show u the docs proofs provided by UN at our offices. my cell 09415126016

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The creatine level increases in urine. when we take Spirolina. May lead to kidney problem. Solution available


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