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obesity and diabetics


Aside from heredity, the top cause of diabetes is improper diet.?????

Modern man's propensity for leading hectic lives has led them into eating the wrong kinds of food. Man has become so obsessed with wealth creation and pleasure, that he has no more time to prepare a well-balanced meal. Thus, the modern man's diet consists of canned goods, processed fish, meat and vegetables that can be eaten immediately by just popping it inside a microwave. The modern world has convinced man to have a preference for refined food, from sugar to grains.

Most people who are healthy all their lives are getting diabetes and the culprit is the kind of food they eat, and our ignorance as to the nutrient content of the food we eat.

Obesity makes one at a greater risk of getting a diabetic problem so it is also important to watch your weight. Those who have excess fat in the belly are more prone to being health risks. Weight gain or about 10 to 20 pounds, no matter how moderate, can also make one a candidate for diabetes.

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There are a significant number of diabetics that are not obese. So, whilst there is an association, it seems that what causes obesity also contributes to diabetes.


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