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my average blood glucose were 8.6 and 8.4 in last six months

my blood sugar after food was 213 today, can i reverse my sugar condition by exercise. i m 105 kg but active and go for a walk. or i need to take medicines for that, if i take medicine do i have to take thm life long or once i adopt healthy life style and it comes to normal level i should stop taking thm. are their any side effects of medicines?

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You are way too much over weight and probably the reason for your diabetes.If you have to take medicines,you have to take them to protect yourself.You have to lose weight slowly but steadily so that your BMI comes within safe range.Please consider the following suggestions:

Management of sugar levels is a tough job but is not impossible if you realize that the task is essentially in your own hands. The doctor or dietician may guide you but ultimately it is you who has to put into practice all that has been learnt. Diet control makes maximum difference in a diabetic condition. Avoid sugar,sweets,and any food that is loaded with sugars like mango,banana etc. Also avoid vegetables like potato,beet,sweet potato etc that grow underground. Eat more of sprouts,vegetables and greens that give you fiber,minerals and vitamins. Eat less of rice,wheat and other cereals rich in carbohydrates and demand more insulin for converting to energy. The idea should be to reduce consumption by least 200 to 300 calories per day to gain significant results.

After diet,exercise plays a very important role. Walking or jogging for 40 to 60 minutes a day will improve your glucose metabolism significantly and spend about 200 calories.

Last but not the least one should lead a stress free life style. Stress is a recognized trigger for diabetes. Practice relaxation techniques like pranayama,yogasanas etc.

You should go for quarterly check ups and annual comprehensive review with an experienced diabetologist and follow the prescriptions scrupulously

Ultimately the most important person in your diabetes management is Y O U.


thnk you very much, earlier a was diagnosed with high BP few years back but now its not their, i do keep check on it and its comes 70/110 to 90/140 no medication i m taking now, and hope so that i will roll back this situation also.


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