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diabetes diagonised in the nick of time

i've had my daughter who was suddenly diagonised for diabetes last JULY, and that has chaged history for our entire family. on the verge of death, we took her to wadia's where she was given the necessary treatment immediately. the next 3 days saw us running helter-skelter, from pillar-to-post for various reasons-getting the medicines and making the monetary arrangements. remaining in the ICU for about 4 days and thereafter in the hospital for 2 weeks was a nightmare. thence, after getting back home, the different procedures and eating habits to be started off with, were studied and here we are after about 10 months, a sort of regularised schelude has been laid.

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Support from a loving family is so necessary for a diabetic.It will be very helpful if the family is well equipped with the latest knowledge about diabetes.Wishing your daughter will manage her condition well.


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