Diabetes cure in 72 hrs

Dr. Biswaroop Roychowdhury, a so called renowned nutritionist worldwide has claimed that both T1 & T2 can be cured in 72 hrs by changing diet only. He has also claimed that, his diet will also open the bypass line of heart by which heart attack could be avoided. Moreover, complications due to diabetes will also disappear after completion of 3 days diet as prescribed by Dr. Biswaroop Roychowdhury. Matter is confusing. Whether the diet is for only 3 days/3 months/3yrs or life long.

Forum members are cordially requested to discuss about the authenticity of the claim to guide and help other members.

Has anybody heard about it ? What is the truth ? Whether it is workable or not. So far my knowledge goes, diabetes can not be cured, it is manageable with diets and excercise.

Please discuss.

Thanks in advance.

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  • He is a liar, a fraud and is bereft of all humanity in his quest to separate the sick and confused from their money.

    You can make all sorts of claims (mostly nonsense) about type 2 but type one CANNOT be cured by diet.

  • Someone doctor in South India claims curing diabetes by feeding sweets to wake up sleeping pancreas :D :D

    Can't recall his name, but he has some videos on youtube in one of South Indian language. All HOGWASH.

  • Try honey instead. Make sure it is raw, unprocessed, that is, not treated with heat. Take 3 tablespoons a day, say one tbsp before meals. Take one tbsp before going to bed. Check out the books The Honey Revolution and The New Honey Revolution. Can't remember his name but he's a MD from USA.

  • Thank you sir for sharing valuable knowledge (yes, t1 can not be cured by diet).

  • Thank you sir for sharing valuable knowledge (yes, t1 can not be cured by diet).

  • Wrong. Negative thoughts won't help. Don't put a cart in front of the horse. Reprogram your mind first as that is the biggest obstacle. After reprogramming your mind, try the Indian botanical called Gymnema sylvestre, which astonished western research scientists when they tested it out. It is able to regenerate the beta cells of the pancreas, the ones that produce insulin. You will have to take the standardized extracts for at least six months for it to start working properly. You can easily google up hundreds of papers and research studies on this botanical. It has existed in the Ayurvedic culture of India since time immemorial. It is cheekily called 'sugar-killer' by them... read and find out why in the literature. it is commonplace in India so you can source it there, otherwise try that US vendor called iherb.com - fast service and great prices.

  • Yes. I too agree for this. Whatever it may be the reasons so many people tells so many things in spite of following the remedies recommended but ultimately the result of the patient shall remain same without any changes. My wife is T2 patient since 12 years, I am doing all the experiments in addition to the regular medication, which includes tablets and insulene, periodical checkup and repeated blood examination the BG level does not come to normal. Exercise, dieting etc may be for time bound relief and not for permanent cure.

  • Not, it is not a spurious claim with regard to T1DM. You need to read more widely and do some serious research - read my reply to asoreka below. Scroll down and read it there... no point my repeating what I wrote there :)

  • This is the link of the latest book of Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury 'Diabetes Educators’ Success Stories' -https://www.biswaroop.com/shop/diabetes-educators-success-stories-english/

    You kindly read this and then decide.

    About the book:

    This book is a collection of stories of diabetes patients from all across the globe, who chanced upon a revolutionary diet and to their unimaginable surprise; they could reverse diabetes in less than 72 hrs. Quickly, they understood that it was not Diabetes but the ‘Diabetes Conspiracy’ which was killing them. It’s their journey from being a diabetes patient to an impatient diabetes educator, whose mission is to spread the knowledge that; you can free yourself from 3D’s Diagnosis, Drugs & Diabetes with a humble diet,

    which educators now lovingly call ‘THE DIP DIET’.

  • I did see one or two videos of his long back. In short it is NONSENSE. As much as claims of one doctor in South India who claims to cure diabetes by feeding sweets to wake up sleeping pancreas.

    Diabetes cannot be CURED as of now. It can only be managed. People make tall claims of CURE only to fool as word CURE is very sexy to SELL.

  • I am surprised to hear this... try Gymnema sylvestre aka Gurmar, Sirikurinjan, and called sugar-killer in the West. Research has shown that it can regenerate the insulin producing cells but the ingestion of the tea/powder/extract should be a minimum of 6 months. Gymnema is grown everywhere in India. It has an unpleasant taste. But the leaves can made into tea and mixed with green tea bag for better taste.

  • Would you be kind enough to point me to the clinical trials and data to support your view?

  • I have been a diabetic T2 from 2002. Last year, I followed Dr. Michael Mosley's '8-week Blood Sugar Diet' for 8 weeks. From Metformin 1500mg daily, blood pressure medication and statins, I have had to stop all medication after the 8 weeks. For 6 months I have maintained my weight, and my HbA1C has been fine throughout. Through Monday to Thursday, I do not eat any pure carbohydrate, but from Friday to Sunday, I eat whatever I want to, including sweets.

    Therefore, I can completely believe that Dr. Roy Chowdhury's diet might be very effective. My diet was quite similar too. Till one tries, one never believes because in today's world one never knows what is true and what is fabricated. Also, if the above doctor is trying only to make money, then why would he openly describe his method? He doesn't get paid if one tries his diet after seeing it on the internet!!

    Lastly, there is no harm in trying it as it cannot harm. At worst, it will not help. And 72 hours in the average lifetime isn't all that long.

  • LCHF LCHF LCHF LCHF LCHF am i loud enuf ?????

  • i am vey sure after going with LCHF members will stop worring abt diabetes i am very much benefitted ...

  • i have some known people who have got cured. there are some herbs, which incite pancreas to produce insulin. it is a fact. i have experienced myself. my HBA1C was 15.7 and fasting blood sugar was 456.

    within 3 months it got down to 157. now after 5 months consistently FBS is below 150 it went down to 103 also. i have rice as staple food. now i am not even taking it. it was sirikurinjan powder mixed with naval kottai powder (kalajamoon seeds powder) and Haldi. it is possible to cure Blood sugar. but only caution is that after you get ok you still need to have control on direct sugar intake. rice and other food items does not cause an issue.

  • can you please tell me how to get that powder.9902891125

  • iherb.com has many formulations. Just search for Gymnema sylvestre called Gurmar in India. Choose the standardized extract, not full spectrum form. iherb.com is one of most reliable online vendor and you can get the stuff delivered to your doorstep via DHL at the lowest rates, in about 3-5 working days. If you live in India, you can find the herb aplenty. It's called Sirikurinjan in Tamil.

  • I am taking Ayurvedic powder (25 items powder mixed at home including powders of all the herbs u mentioned + shilajeet) since last 8 years. Along with allopathic medicines effecting just to control diabetes, not cured till date. I can get u the details of all 25 herbs I take if u wish. I am diabetic since 2001. U can send me the massage on my email smshah46@hotmail.com.


  • Hi,

    It is sold in tablet form by Himalaya. It goes by the sanskrit name "meshashringi". You have to be careful with this as it is known to cause severe drop in BS. It is available at any of their stores. I believe other companies too carry this. This tree is known as "Gurmar" and is mostly grown in Maharashtra, Telangana and AP.

  • tasingh74

    Just look at the contents of Meshshringi sold by Himalaya.The one of preservative used in same is carcinogenic.

  • Agreed. But it is available in raw powdered form in most stores selling ayurvedic products.

  • tasingh74 yes...it is available all over India..it raw form....

    I just commented on Himalaya product.Here in Maharshtra it is called Bedkicha pala....after chewing these leaves.... you will loose sweet taste for some time....even if you eat sugar...you will feel as if you are chewing sand.

    And....then just put some salt on tongue....and you will regain sweet taste....

    Try this if you have not tried earlier.

  • I tried it. Has seen some improvement in BS levels. Believe there is no single cure for diabetes but a combination of known "helpers" like Bitter gourd, okra, gurmar, fenugreek and with proper diet and exercise is the only way to maintain it. The biggest culprit in my experience is fat.

  • tasingh74

    yes accumulated fat...and liver fat....

    many ppl says just by losing 1 GM fat from liver may give you cure from Diabetes.

  • Only case of reversal I have come across was of a newly diagnosed diabetic who was helped by a alternative therapy practitioner in Hyderabad. This person uses different acupressure, sujok and related therapies to manage different ailments.

  • I believe the only fats which are less harmful in my personal experience are cow ghee (made from milk of indian breed cows) and coconut oil. Also, to your point, liver is the first organ we need to take care of.

  • yes...agree with u tasingh74

  • read about newcastle diet....and experiments done by them....

  • Yes. But you need to be in a inpatient type of facility to go through 600 calories/day diet and under strict supervision. I have a family history of diabetes and have tried everything from the spectrum except the Newcastle diet.

  • tasingh74

    i recently read somewhere...during nauakhali march...Gandhiji traveled all thru the area by walk and he use consume on 600 calories per day....

  • :-) that is why he is mahatma. Very interesting thing about his diet was he used to consume goat's milk and not cow milk. Also, he used to consume lemon juice.

  • :)

  • Chalo...let us walk on foot prints of Mahatma.....LOL

  • At the Nisargopchar Ashram, do they preach Gandhigiri?

  • some what??? but not lot.....brother of balkoba Bhave was residing there for long time....

    But I din felt any such pressure.

  • was he treated by nandipathy method in kakinada ap.

  • yes. the guy was in hyderabad

  • No - from the pancreas!

    Igm of fat from the pancreas requires a LOT of weight loss from elsewhere!

  • MikePollard @jingle

    Hmmmm guess there are few non invasive tests available here....

    They can tell you exact amount of fat accumulated in liver...and pancreas.Cost for said is Rs. 2500/-

    One can undergo the same .....results will be most scientific.

  • Yeah, like at least overall 15%, it is doable! And it does make a difference. Don't know if you read my post, but this morning at 105 after years of much higher! Check out Dr. Roy Taylor to get started then Dr. Richard K Bernstein to keep you going. IT WORKS!!!

  • I believe since type II diabetes is triggered by excess insulin, any drug/herb that stimulates pancreas to produce more insulin will not cure diabetes in the long run.. Only alternative is to give 'rest' to pancreas by cutting down carbs and replace the calories with healthy fats...

  • Try fasting on alternate days - 2-3 x per week or cut your daily meals to one or two and you'll get results fast. Never, ever skip breakfast.

  • out of the 3 drugs mentioned above,only sirukurunjan is somewhat useful in reducing blood sugar marginally.

    this is available freely from most medical shops as "himalaya drugs puredrugs "Meshashringi" now in tablet form.2 tablets roughly equals 1mg of glimiperide and works better as a combination with other known oral drugs

  • Dear Sridhar,

    Let me test the herbs what you said. I think it is in malayalam. Will you please convey the same either in English or Kannada. My mail id is asuguresh@gmail.com

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Sirikurinjan is Tamil. It's called Gurmar in Sanskrit. Western enthusiasts call it sugar-killer. If you chew a leaf of the herb, it will not be able to taste the sweetness of sugar or anything sweet for a few hours, hence the colorful name. The scientific name is Gymnema sylvestre and it is available aplenty in India. You can source it from USA vendors online - at iherb.com

  • Please let me have the address from where sirikurijan powder can be procured. U can sms/what's app to my mobile no. 9426568955.


  • Would you like to publish your data?

  • where will i get that herb mix..

    plz suggest

    and hw much should be the quantity per intake

  • Your 'S is T1 or T3

  • it is available in naattu marundhu kadai (Ayurvedic herbal shops) in Tamil Nadu. as I have given gthe names in tamil, you can ask them and you will get the same.i am not sure on the hindi name of sirikurinjan.

  • One person in our city cures by eating excessive sugarcane and many other tried with same therapy & invite heavy trouble.

    The only way to cure is eat less carb, total intake k calorie 600 for few months, spent 1000-1500 k calorie by exercise & walking. This is intermittent fasting , as per nature cure. When you design 600 k calorie diet only fruits, vegetables , butter milk & soaked nuts. Avoid Wheat grain diet, can use Black gram, moong sprouted. etc.

  • if you avoid rice and wheat where else will you get calories safely for a diabetic?

    dont suggest fat. in diabetes a dyslipidemic metabolic disorder

    broken wheat as dhalia in small amounts can be safe

    intermittent fasting is contraindicated and can promote further insulin resistance, being potentially harmful when you are continuing on oral drugs

    black gram and moong dhal produce intestinal gas if taken in moderate quantity(It is ok as part of idli, dosa)

  • All WRONG as proved by huge population of diabetics on LCHF diet, more than 500 Indians also that I know of on just one forum. Dietary Fat and CVD is a FAILED theory, so we need PROOF rather than OPINIONS.

    CARBS are not necessary. Fat and proteins are. Energy can come from Fat and proteins whenever there's a shortfall of glucose. Low Carb High Fat diet is the only way forward.

    Where do u think Dr Richard Bernstein, a Type 1 with seven decades of diabetic history, is getting energy from for last 45 years on 30 grams carbs a day and still alive with ca score of 1?

  • CURE means it has to be supported by lab results. The patient has to eat unlimited amount of carbohydrates (including sweets) for alteast 1 week and perform the test -

    HbA1c < 5.6

    FBS < 100

    PPBS at 2 Hr < 120

    OGTT should show that his BS level never crossed 140 mark at any point of time.

    If the patient is able to show these results that I will assume the diabetes is cured. If not then it is just 'controlled'.

  • OGTT should not cross 140 at any time? That is NOT a norm. While it is true that the blood glucose readings of non-diabetics seldom cross 140 while having normal food, OGTT is a stress test. The subject is given pure glucose which is rapidly absorbed unlike normal food. When having such a dose of sugar, the blood readings of non-diabetics have been known to be well over 140.



  • Yes you are right. Claim of Dr Roy hasn't been confirmed by anyone. What is the degree held by him ? You may find more than100 such fake claim per day.

  • no he is right first follow it

  • This treatment is an extension of LCHF to NC( no carbohydates) No fat food.NO cooked food.

    patients are given only fruits , uncooked vegetables and honey for treatment. doing exercise , yoga, meditation , walking etc.

    the crux of the treatment is detoxify and cleanse your system physically and mentally,

    about16 years back I underwent this treatment IN a yoga programme for 15 days , in an ashram,without eating cooked food, not seeing TV, not reading news papers. not meeting any friends and family members.

    this has brought .the things under control. but slowly when you are back in the society with all kinds of issues, the things went out of control and still a diabetic consuming pills and insulin., I think the search for control and cure will b a never ending story.

    I recollect the the story of 4 blind men trying to understand the physical structure of elephant and each one touched different part of body and exclaimed that the person tough the leg told it is like a wooden tree.

    the other one touched the ear and told it is like( MURAM)-in tamil.

    the next one touched the trunk and told it is like snake. and so on.

    so it is like a blind person blind foldedwith dark cloth trying to catch a black cat in a dark room.

    best of luck.

  • Checked from Google for Dr. Biswaroop Chowdhary found some videos on U tube see

    it is if 3 hrs duration, so have to sit for so much period. Information seems interesting, have to be followed and results to be observed.

    Dr. is having his web page see biswaroop.com

  • Thank you sir for sharing valuable knowledge

  • I had seen complete video. In his workshop, people are eating only boiled vegetable for 72 hours. Very low carbs diet.

  • Yes it's raw vegan diet I am following him but it's a life without drug and doctor....not cure. This time having fasting unde r110 and after below 150..for LWMDR claims cure it's surprising

  • My TG went up for the first time. 

    It is 214 when I checked the LIPIDs on 27th March 2016.

    I was focusing more on Butter (to compensate for REDUCTION of CARB).

    Also I was consuming Dry Roasted Almonds. 

    Some 30 to 40 per day. I liked it. Again to make up the shortfall in CARB.

    I have great regards for many pundits in this forum.

    My morning FBS has been in control...........like within 105 always. 

    However my A1C has gone up to 7.2 (my wife is screaming at me)

    That was alarming.

    My intake of carb is per the advice in this forum. 

    I have some (moderate) exercise.

    However, I am on some Red wine (1 cup) every night. 

    Not sure if that is causing the TG to go up.

    For valuable advice please.

    Never my TG was so high...........and my A1C in the last 2 years was in fairly good control.

    Please advice, when you can.

    I am a 65 year old and not working (so the stress level is not high).

    Thanks and regards,

  • Cut the wine out and then test after 3 months.

    TG and A1C going up has a common enemy.

  • Thank you Mr. Anup.

    Good Advice.

    I know its little hard to think.  But, I will...........and I will adhere to this with all sincerity.

    Will report back about the progress.

    I forgot to mention in previous posting. 

    My total Cholesterol also went up .......though not much.

    As you said, wine should be the culprit.

    Thank you sir.


  • I worry about:

    TG -- should be 100 or lower preferably

    TG/HDL -- ratio should be < 2 preferably

    TC is a useless number and I won;'t even bother if it is 250.

    I know of a Diabetic lady who has HDL of 120+ and TC is 270+ 

    So how does medical science interpret this. Good, Bad or Ugly :)

    There are better markers for cardiac risks than LDL and TC.

  • Thanks again.

    Currently my TG is 214  and HDL is 50.

    So this ratio now is more than 4......... bad.

    I will work on this.

    You have a blessed day,

    Siva 24

  • TG 214 accompanied by A1C jump to 7+ says it all :)

    Cut the wine/alcohol out.

    Control fructose intake. 

    Presuming that you are watching carbs already.

  • Got it.

    Your words give me encouragement to stay DETERMINED.

    I will.

    I am watching CARBS intake. 

    ALSO no fructose in any form...........meaning I dont add sugar in any form (either in coffee or I dont eat any sweets).

    If I may ask you one last question:

    My wife was complaining about the intake of BUTTER and also ALMONDs.......to check on raising TC.

    Past 2 days, I have fully stopped them both. 

    When you have time, you may offer your kind comments.

    I will see this when I get back.

    Heading out now sir.



  • Almonds I doubt.

    Butter -- I prefer VCO as first source of fat. Next is butter and ghee and some cheese every now and then.

    Pref towards VCO as 2/3 is MCT and MCT cannot be stored by and large so it has to be spent.

    Other reason for TG to kick up is if losing weight. But, that rise doesn't get accompanies with rise in A1C.

  • Nothing is heard of this type of curing diabetes. What type of food he is advising? Can anybody get me the details ? I am diabetic since 2001 and taking allopathic and Ayurvedic medicines as well. Still sometimes it fluctuates. Doctors also say that it can not be cured completely.

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