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New guidelines for BP

I have just been through a 24hr BP test - was aggrieved at having to do the test as I originally went for an ECG (which they gave me) for an irregular (double tapping) heart beat and thought they were going to give me a 24hr ambulatory ECG!

I usually

suffer "White Coat Syndrome" every time I go to the Drs so it was 135/88 at

the time and I was cross at having been told I needed it and know my BP is on average is 125/68 - my surgery has said that there are new guidelines for the max BP for patients so anyone over 135/80 is going to be diagnosed as hypertensive. I looked on NICE guidelines and there is nothing apart for the standard 140/90 range.

Has anyone else heard of this new range?

Luckily for me my 24hr results came back as I expected so no treatment needed.


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Hi there, I myself are relatively new on this site but, I am sure like yourself find it very informative now, Blood pressure I am not a Docter or in anyway part of the medical profession but, what I do have is Severe Hypertension. I have been diagnosed in 2010 and I am on a cocktail of medications so I do have a certain amount of experience and I must say I think your Docter is being very cautious!! Your reading is as far as I am aware in the normal range most especially because you yourself say you have white collar syndrome, the top figure is pretty normal the lower figure is a bit higher but not to much, than what they would prefer but is not to bad but I would say if you had other medical conditions your B P readings can alter the medics concern's?

! For eg I also have high cholesterol which is not seen as as good combination with high blood pressure so other factors do come into play!! But if I was you I think in fact annoying as having a24 hour reading can be (Try A Week) you shouly be thinking what a alert caring responsive G ,P. You have who is looking out for his patients. Hope this helps best wishes Jan.


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