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New gal here! Help needed!

Hi All,

I'm in serious need of some help, from people who actually understand what I'm going through!

So, I'm female, 30 years old and was diagnosed type 1 diabetic at 15. For the past 13 years, I've pretty much just pretended I didn't have the disease and am now suffering with eye and kidney problems.

Due to this, I've started taking my insulin as needed (glargine and novorapid), and over the past two years I've put on 4.5 stone.

I love my food, always been overweight but the point I'm at now is just ridiculous and I can't seem to shift it and I've also developed high blood pressure. In a recent trip to the GP I was told that with a healthy diet, carb counting and 50 mins (!!!!) of exercise every day, I can expect to lose 3lbs in 3 months. Hardly seems worth it?.?!!

What I'm hoping for, is to talk to people that might be experiencing the same thing, and share ideas/tips etc. I find it difficult to find meals where I feel satisfied, I can't live on salad forever and it just means I end up having lots of snacks! I'm really struggling, and that's probably made worse by the fact that I don't know anyone else with diabetes.

Looking forward to some helpful responses!


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If you do not get serious then your outlook is bleak, very, very bleak. That's the bad news, now here is the good.

Research Dr. Richard Bernstein who is type 1:


Buy his book, follow its guidelines to the letter and your future is assured.


Here's his Facebook page:


Also read all you can about LCHF. The following link is specifically for type 2, but will also apply you the diet you need to adopt:



Good comment and advice by MikePollard.


Sister! May God Bless us ALL with good health; just curiosity, which city u based??????? try auto-urine, i.e. your own urine , first urination mornings, let go first few ml. take middle portion, ignore last mls. give it a shot for 3 months, also try cow urine, all these will positively help you control BS as also boost immunity; all organs would function great; and obviously, LCHF diet is best recommended by experts on this platform; just ignore, stop thinking you're diabetic; remain jovial, enjoy life, worship your parents, tend to their well-being, comforts, seek their blessings, just remain cool, always! don't waste time with friends, it's futile; if you've got the monies, travel worldwide, also do try Yoga, spiritual meditation, etc. it'd help a lot; oh yeah! Long Wheat diet also helps immensely' good luck! rest, contributors via this platform are people with superb intellect; benefit from their advice;


This post perhaps is both mixed up and misleading. LWMR is not same thing as wheat diet! Please search LWMR. It may hold secret to managing diabetes for long term benefit. Buck Wheat which is not a grain, has lignin and may contribute positively to general health. Flax Seed also has high lignin content.


Dr. Richard Bernstein . . . the most authentic case!


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