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greetings, fellow diabetics !

I developed gestational diabetes with my last two children and was taking insulin three times a day until both their deliveries by c section

I was then glucose intolerant until it developed into Type 2 diabetes and I am now on two metformin a day.

I control my diabetes..I do not allow it to control me.

It is great to see a group on here for diabetes and hypertension!


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Thanks for your enlightening message I was told I was pre diabetic several months ago and have changed my diet completely excluding all free sugar A further blood test shows that my condition hasn't worsened and am controlling it myself without the aid of statins



that's brilliant news !


Welcome Yvonne. My first message to you is Don't Worry. I firmly believe that stress can cause as many problems as the disease itself. Taking two metformin a day isn't the end of the world. Of course it would be better if you could manage without them and the best way to move towards that is to check your blood sugar on a regular basis so you know what's going on in your body - and then respond to it via your diet. Try to avoid processed food as much as possible including tinned food, ready meals and drinks in cartons. FRESH is the key.

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thank you, happy dodderer.

my mindset is such that I do not let diabetes define who I am...its just a part of me that needs monitoring every now and then.

many of my work colleagues do not even know I have it ! Fresh food IS the way to go, as you so rightly say....the hidden sugars and salts in tinned/processed food is scarily high.

I worry for the next generation and the rubbish they consume...I work in a school and cringe when I see what is in their packed lunches !


All of my coworkers know that I have diabetes so they can help me if they have to.


I like your attitude, Yvonne, but I would argue with just one thing at your early stages - it does not need monitoring just "now and then" at the moment. You should do enough tests to know what is going on in your body and what effect your main dietary foods are having. Anything that causes a sharp high spike, especially a prolonged one - needs your attention.

Do continue to be generally relaxed about the whole situation though. The more you try to investigate, the more this that and the other will be thrown at you as THE CURE. My advice is to ignore it and do what feels right - and your blood tests prove - for you. The more you can live as nature intended as far as putting things into your body is concerned, the easier and less stressful the whole situation will become.

I'm a bit surprised by your comment about school and packed lunches though! I thought teachers strictly controlled what was in the kid's lunch boxes these days


we have over 400 pupils at our school....hard for the dinner staff to supervise the ones not having the healthy school dinners. ongoing battle with the parents/carers despite sending letters home about healthy eating.

I fear for our future generation of children.


Sorry about my last comment. I just sort of imagined about 25 youngsters munching their lunches while the teacher kept her eye on them.


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