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I haven't been diagnosed but need some reassuring from people who actually have the problem


Hi there I'm new to this community but was hoping you can shed some light and possibly reassure me

I'm 19 and diabetes is on my dads side by my nan and another member I think however I'm not obese or overweight I don't tend to consume an overload of sugar I like cola and sweets like most do.

I have lupus but have been experiencing one symptom of frequent urge to urinate now I can hold my urine for quite a long time I just have a feeling there all the time I'm not in general thirsty just like the occasion bit of cola here and there probley a class a day or two. I do get tired but that is due to my lupus as that causes a lot of tiredness.

It has been a problem since getting ill but people started to notice that I used to go alot I mentioned this to my doctor and no infections was present nor was their sugar in my urine now I'm having a blood sugar test to test for diabetes. This scares the hell out of me as iv already got 2 diseases to manage at the age of 19 its alot already

Can you please shed some advice on symptoms that you may of had whilst getting diagnosed. As I thinking to much of it and am dreading my blood results. It could possibly be something else right?

Thanks for reading my long post


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Afia don't be scared.The fact that your dad has it does not mean you will also get it.Be positive, choose right type of food and exercise regularly.I know parents who have diabetes but their grown up children do not have and vice versa.Most importantly, you can't take away the God factor.Depend on him and He will hear your heart's cry.Stay blessed

Danielle2419 in reply to adoma

Yes of course

Thank you a lot its actually my nan who has it that's on my dads side I actually exercise a lot I go gym maybe 2 to 3 times in a week and I make sure i eat good food I do eat sweets but most do like sweets so I can't resist but im not overweight at all I weigh 9.6 stone which I don't think is a lot yeah I will stay positive



I remember a time when I would start a pack of sweets or biscuits, and didn't feel able to stop until they were gone. I found it difficult to go three of four hours between meals.

My mum had diabetes, and I was heading the same way; a urine test revealed glucose.

When you are truly eating healthily, you don't have the cravings for sweet things.


When I crave sweets instead I try to eat some fruit like slicing an apple or eating strawberrys. As I don't want to have bad teeth

If your a diabetic does glucose/sugar show in the urine.

Thanks for your reply

That's a good strategy, although fruit is still sugar to your body (as is all carbohydrate); it's wise to minimise your fructose intake, and control your carbohydrate intake whether you have diabetes or not.

Weston A Price was a dentist who associated bad teeth with poor chronic health conditions.

Yes, glucose tends to show in the urine with diabetes, but it's not as good an indicator as having your blood glucose tested directly.

Sometimes that is right but not always, I have a very healthy diet but because it is so healthy and I know I should not eat sweets, that unfortunately makes them more attractive so I want them although I dont need them and they would basically not be a wise choice, sometimes your head just gets in the way like this. I am not trying to rubbish concerned communication, just showing that there may be an alternative view, the only way forward really is to get your results from the doctor then you can act on what you find. And remember, even if you do not get the result that you wish for, once you have information and support (which this site is brilliant for) you will feel much more confident health wise.

Best of luck with the results and keep going!

Both my parents did not have it till their end (both lived over 75 and one almost 80) but I have it. I completely reversed it once in 2005 when I was 52, after coming to Pre Diabetic range in 2009 gave up further tracking. Had HBA1C 11.6% (too high!) in January now at 7.9%. Heredity has some role but it is not absolute. Diet load and timing and exercise can keep you in the clear efar52@yahoo.com

Concerned in reply to norreal

7.9% is still full-blown diabetes. 5.7% to 6.5% is pre-diabetes.

norreal in reply to Concerned

Yes. But see the trend. I test up to ten times in a day to establish my meal ingredient impact. I have given A1C trend details to metoyou just now. Because of my past neglect and age, my target is 6.8% - 7.2%. Even at 8%, incidence of nerve damage, organ damage that lead to serious outcomes (renal failure, blindness, cardiac arrest/amputation) is less than 2.5%. Diabetes gets bad at and above A1C of ten percent. I can email you a six page hand out od Chronic Disease Control USA that mentions these figures...efar52@gmail.com

Concerned in reply to norreal

If you eat as I've outlined elsewhere, your blood glucose will begin to normalise in days.

Metoyou: Cola and sweets may be the culprit! See I had milder diabetes at age 52 in 2005. It got reversed! Got it again in 2009, apparently reversed but I did not follow up testing sufficiently (it may have been in pre diabetes range but I assumed it had reversed). This year, On Jan 11th my HBA1C was 11.6%, Jan 16: 9.8%, Feb 8th: 9.0% and March 22nd: 7.9%. [Till January 7th I took lots of deserts and about 30 teaspoon sugar daily in tea alone - lots of carbs and till 2012 I took 50-60 cigarettes daily, average for 2013: 25 and zero now. In 1997 I had alcohol poisoning. If with such a record of killer habits, I can improve, so why not you? Please keep in touch: efar52@gmail.com

fenbadger in reply to norreal

Ouch! Yes cola drinks hold loads more sugar than even the manufacturers claim and it's easy to get trapped like all that tea bound sugar. There's loads of advice out there. Try diabetes uk website. There is a tendency for it to run in families but it's far from guaranteed. With multiple conditions it can become a struggle to control them, so the more you do for yourself the better. Change4life can help. It doesn't do anything for me as I'm already on board, but they do have loads of useful recipes and lifestyle suggestions. If we all ate a healthy balance diet, we'd avoid a lot of these problems. My arthritis, diabetes and hypertension are all "self inflicted" so I shouldn't moan and say it's unfair. Now, somewhat late, I've taken responsibility and taken charge and life is different. I wont say great but better than it might be. Good luck and try not to worry. Stress just aggravates much and too much anxiety can be unhelpful. :)

metoyou, please get a HBA1C ASAP. Diabetes is reversible. NOW, even Mayo Clinic says that!

Hi, There, Don't be afraid, You may not have the disease, why don't you get tested to ease your mind, I found this out when I was on steroids, Try not to eat as many sweets, or drink Cola, Everything in moderation is the key, Like you I love sweets, but don't have so many, Try not to worry so much, and keep yourself active.

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