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Numb and tingling sensation in my left and right hands.


Good morning,

I have been experiencing frozen fingers in my left hand and also now my right hand is getting worse. I suffer from essential tremors and I was diagnosed about 5 years ago. l also have diabetes 2. I am on two medications for it. metformin where I take 1000 mg, twice a day and gliclazide 30 mg, once a day.

My hands are dry and cracking too especially my two thumbs, and pinkies. I find that I no longer can grip items to open them and have difficulty turned keys into locks like my front door, my vehicle and their laundry room. I have been doing my laundry outside my rental apt. at a laundromat. Much better, cleaner and cheaper. and the clientele is great too.

Any suggestions are welcomed. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow around noon.

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what does your doctor say about your problem.

what I can suggest you is an online site where you get free medical help from doctor.

if you need it I will give you

genuinelady2 in reply to kkapoor

yes please give me an online site for free medical help. thank you.


Sorry to hear about your problems. I have similar ones due to diabetic neuropathy. Was wondering whether some of your problems may be due to your diabetes too. I would definitely mention it to your diabetes doctor/nurse and also to your general doctor, as they may be able to help and they need to know anyway. Another thing which may be playing in is carpal tunnel syndrome - also common with diabetic people but can be solved with a surgical procedure. Tennis elbow even can be very disabling in the ways u talk about - I never had numbness with mine but I sure did have the other difficulties u describe - again this is very curable. Either way your medical team definitely need to know about all of the problems u describe and u need to make sure that your feet are checked regularly too, either by your medical team or a qualified podiatrist, and take care with your footwear.

Another extremely important preventative thing to do is to keep your hands & feet well moisturised (tho avoid getting cream between your toes) - to prevent infection entering thru skin cracks & also prevent other problems too. U sound like u too have found that ordinary over the counter moisturisers aren't sufficient to solve this problem. My doctor prescribed me some really good moisturisers tho that have worked really well. Sure u could get them online too - Flexitol Heel Balm is great for very dry, cracked skin, and Hydramol & Diprobase very good for hands, arms, legs or anywhere else that's very dry.

Hope this helps and all the best with your doctors appt

yeah, definitely the cracking of the skin and hands due to diabetes. My blood sugars have been quite high and I found out today that I have a cyst on my pancreas. Got this new Lactic Acid Cream. Everything else, doesn't work for my hands. Feels pretty good and doesn't sting.

Glad uv managed to get a decent moisturiser - if live in the UK u could get it free on prescription, being diabetic. Make sure your feet are ok too tho.

Sorry to hear about your pancreatic cyst - could this be what's causing your high sugars?? Find myself that if my sugars are running high my skin is drier and my neuropathy symptoms get a lot worse. I'm guessing your nerve problems are not due to your diabetes - sorry, i wasn't too clear on this. But high sugars will probably irritate your symptoms, and once your sugars come down they may well improve a bit. All the best anyway

yes, all the symptoms of the high blood sugars are from the cyst on pancreas. I guess the cracking of my skin on my hands is due to diabetes. Ont the bright side, my eyes and the back of my eyeballs are okay

That's truly great news about your eyes, uv done really well to avoid damage! Do have a bit of damage myself and right now that's the test i dread most!

Can they do anything about your pancreatic cyst? Dont know much about those sorry. But diabetes definitely dries up the skin.

first they are going to give me an MRI to see if it is benign or not, after finding out, I guess they cut it out. I do not know myself.

Sending u very best wishes for your MRI - really hope the cyst is benign. Hope they can sort out your blood sugars too. Keep us posted x

for sure I will keep you posted. I am going to do some research on google because I just wonder what would have happened if I didn't tell my doctor about this swelling of my abdomen. Thank goodness, I know my body and all of its uniqueness.

Absolutely, can't be too careful & stay informed is my motto too. When is your MRI? Hope u won't be kept waiting for too long

well like anything that is a referral, it takes ages. I had noticed this swelling and lump in my abdomen for about the past 6 months. So what is another few months. I am still waiting for my referral to go in for my psychiatrist and that has been 2 months ago.

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