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A warning tale

I got a phone call from my mum on Friday to tell me an old friend of mine has just died from the complications of diabetes. In truth I haven't seen her for 25 years, so the news was sad but on the level that it was preventable and unnecessary. I did know that in the last ten years at various points both of her legs had been amputated. Mum had visited on both times whilst still in hospital on one occasion I got a report that my old friend was sat after just having her leg removed "eating her way through a huge box of all because the lady loves"! Not sure if I'm allowed to say the name of the chocolates? She was the type of person who stuffed her emotions with food. She had multi organ failure due to the complications of diabetes. I suppose if this tale helps one person out there who is struggling with food choice, it would have been worth posting .......

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sad, diabetes is dreaded one, many dont realise its seriousness, i have my own personal experience even after proper diet whihc i dont want to explain here


Did you limit your total carbohydrate intake to about 100 grammes per day?

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