Are we back to the Middle Ages ?

It bothers me how the NHS is blaming Diabetes totally on lifestyle .I don't have it but my twin male cousins had the insulin one . It bothers me how the NHS can allow the situation to get to amputation stage blaming the victims of their negligence .Surely it is sepsis and poor heart monitoring .Are we in the Middle Ages? Where's the monitoring, CARE and research .

A few years ago as a GP Panel member I attended 2 Link meetings in London regarding the handling of chronic condition Diabetes & COPD by giving swimming lessons ? ! There was one Asian man no other patients or support groups .I piped up that they should never do this as far too dangerous unless a Dr was directing Did they listen ? Was I allowed to feedback to the panel or GPs ?

Both the Asian gentleman & I came to the conclusion it was because the hippocratic oath was no longer taken .If the Oath was taken these policies would never have got through .There is too much conflict of interest.

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  • Unfortunately one died in his 30s suspect he over did it - swinging 60s !Could it help me comatosing on eating daily not told I have either .

  • I'm type 2 and I take full responsibility for my health and keeping my levels in check but unfortunately there are many who dont and ignore the warnings from their GP! There is no magic pill to going into remission with Diabetes, it's sensible eating, lower carbs and exercise all get levels down. It's working for me and I belong to groups on Facebook and Diabetes UK. The information is out there and people need to accept responsibility for making sure they are proactive in their care.

    fad diets, mystic potions have no place in diabetic care.

  • Yes skybluepink, some still advocate meals based on complex carbohydrates despite the glycaemic index (Gi), since 1981, establishing that most are turned to glucose in the body faster than table sugar.

  • Could this be why comatose daily on eating staved off till relax if having to physically concentrate ? NB Not been told am diabetic[ possibly borderline] NB genetic connection re : males The NHS pretends it is apnea the CPAP has no effect.NB Severe mobility/function problems [ heart failure[ dysponea?]Not eating till when no longer need to be functioning then unable to go out or make arrangements [ confused?]

  • I am 74' I have always been slim bordering on underweight at 5.7 tall I never weighed more than 9 stone but most of my life at least 50 Years I was under 8 stone I don't have a sweet tooth have always eaten a good diet preferring salads and fruit, I eat chicken and fish I was always very active being one of those people who can't sit still for five minutes I used to walk everywhere but eventually got a bicycle to save time I didnt get a car until in my thirties and this was mainly to ferry my girls to school as the bus fares were horrendous. My weight remained the same apart from having asthma I was as fit as a fiddle so you think diabetes that would never be me. One day I collapsed on the beach in Spain the first aiders said it was too much sun but I have a sun friendly skin and for over 60 years I had spent hours in the sun with never a problem and on this day I hadn't been on the beach for more than 20 minutes. A year later I suddenly felt really ill no reason just out of the blue. As it was Sunday my husband took me to A& E when they called my name I stood up and passed out. I was told I had Diabetes with a reading of 376 I think this is around 27ish they said I was lucky I wasn't dead. They said it had to have been coming on for some time so the incident on the beach was, I think the first indication but I never followed it up at the doctors as I never realised it was serious and I was fine I realise now I was always thirsty but so was everyone I knew in the heat of Spain. How can the government say it's a lifestyle complaint, I know in many cases it is but I am the perfect example it's not always the case and it's wrong to say that everyone is the same. While I am not as slim as I was I am still a healthy weight for my height my diabetes is well controlled so it's not been too bad for me but I would still rather be without it.

  • Get Emmer Wheat (triticum dicoccum, whole grain), use as it is, broken, floured or doughed, make any dish of your choice and swap with other starchy or sweet dishes of your meals; everything else unaltered. Evaluate changes after every month or biweek and report here.

    Wish you a speedy cure.

  • I totally agree with what you said Rosabeth. I was always slim up until I hit my late 50's when I started " the change" I was put on HRT for flushes but they didn't agree with me and weight creeped on me even though I never over indulged. Then I gave up smoking and more weight creeped on but I was always active. I was never considered being over weight or obese, just not as lean. Then when we moved house next the the neighbours from hell I was under so much stress I developed High blood pressure through the stress. I was put on a low dose of enapril but whilst on a decending flight, I had a stroke. After that I was put on lots of medication.

    A year later I was diagnosed with Uncerative Colitis and was perescribed predisalone (sp) and other steroid medication. My weight ballooned with the steroids and one of the side effects was type 2 diabetes!! Yes, I got diabetes by taking steroids. I mentioned this to my gastro nurse and she said " Oh, did the Dr Tell you about that" that, I said no, I read that it was a side effect of steroids! Even though my weight ballooned I was still not classed as obese or ate that unhealthily. Just recently I went to the Dr about my diabetes and asked about this miracle diet that could end diabetes and he said I'd be better off keeping to heathy eating plan, I said to him that I hated having diabetes and felt I was never a candidate for it and that taking steroids caused it, he turned around and said yes, more than likely!!

    Soooo, I'm now trying to reduce my sugar levels by counting calories and exercising more. It's been five days but my sugar levels have dropped from 8.10 fasting to 5.9 throughout the day.

    Why are so many people being diagnosed with this awful silent disease?

  • If you have other conditions that need steroid as above, is one ,I have low thyroid , CFS/fibro and heart failure symptoms dysponea breathing affecting movement so can't exercise it is a problem to function sitting all the time . Diabetes is classed as chronic not needing a specialist to direct which is madness.So is COPD . Then they are directed by NICE & CCG to ignore the symptoms so they become acute.I had MI cardiac arrest never being sent to cardiology till had the cardiac arrest after weekly visits to GPs ignoring When raised the issue of shutting most l A&E and stopping them testing no one in this so called caring system wanted to know . However am just independent .How many others are having their safety placed at risk especially if you are single,solo an disabled.

    I have had oedema become lipo- lymph oedema with no provision and no diuretics , nearly become housebound if hadn't paid a fortune for an MRI and gone abroad for procedures I may not have been here.I can't believe this is being paid for by us then it blames us for their incompetency with the Government deferring using same admin system that behaves like NF with no discretion or decency.

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