Type 2 Diabetes

I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with a 6.7 A1C. I've been pre-diabetic for years. My primary doctor recommended medicine right away. I said I would prefer to use diet and exercise. She gave me a diabetic testing kit and ordered needles and strips and told me to take my glucose once a day before meals and keep a record for three month. I am due to go back to her early March. My glucose has always been in range so far. I am watching my carbs and sugar intake. Anyone else going through this as a pre-diabetic. Thanks. I am new to this community.

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  • First - Just like pregnancy diabetes is either a YES or a NO. All this talk about "PRE" or Borderline diabetic is nonsense.

    Switch to LCHF diet if you can and enjoy being drug free for longer than one would be on so called stupid HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet. I am a diabetic into fifth year on ZERO drugs.


  • Thanks so much for responding so quickly. I think pre, meaning you are very close to being a diabetic, but you are right very close is not the same as being. So you are not a diabetic since you are not on medicine, right? I will look into the LCHF diet, never heard of it. Thanks, again. Very encouraging.

  • I concur with Anup. If your blood sugar is out of range you are diabetic. It's just a matter of degree.

    If you get on board with LCHF you have every chance of reversing your condition, but there are NO half measures.

  • Thanks...no half-stepping. I eat organic bread but it's difficult for me to give that carb up entirely.

  • Yes, I have been drug free. Will be completing 5 years as a Type 2 diabetic in another two weeks approx.

    When I was dx'd My BP was 140/90 and I was warned that if it doesn't come down I would be put on drugs for hypertension too. I was told to walk like a horse and I din't want to create a world record by walking the distance from earth to moon during my lifetime. So, I switched to LCHF diet.

    Now I run 120/70 for BP, Sugar levels that of a NON Diabetic and ZERO Drugs. My SGPT declined from 49 to low 30's. LIPIDS all normal. This is despite eating HIGH FAT and Cholesterol loaded eggs :)

  • Thanks. I love eggs and bread. The other carbs I can do without much of the time. How is your cholesterol?

  • All great on 18-24 eggs a week.

    TC 160.

    TG < 110

    LDL 90's

    I love Eggs, VCO, Butter, Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts. If you can find, Add avocado to the mix.

  • You have just blessed my heart. Thanks to you and all the other respondents. I eat a lot of peanuts (unsalted) which I think brought my total cholesterol down to 185. However, my bad cholesterol needs more work.

  • VCO is best drug (source of SFA) on LCHF diet to increase HDL. VCO os largely MCT.

    MCT gets shunted thru portal vein and doesn't go through lymphatic system from what I have read, unlike LCT. I know of a diabetic without Gall bladder too who can comfortably handle VCO.

  • Is VCO a natural supplement?

  • VCO == Virgin Coconut Oil.

  • What's SGPT?

  • One of the markers for liver scarring.

  • Oh, my liver and kidneys are always good.

  • Pre-diabetes is the term for blood glucose that is considered above normal but not severe enough to be termed diabetes. However, as the other's have posted, it is an indication that your metabolism is already impaired.

    How many grammes of carbohydrate do you consume per meal/day?

  • I don't keep count. But I've practically eliminated potatoes, rice, pasta, and one of my favorite starches, sweet potatoes. My doctor said it was my A1C (6.7) that she was using to determine that I was officially diabetic.

  • It does depend on the individual's tolerance, some people are able to have small amounts of sustained energy carbs such as sweet potato.

    That said, you are (or were?) having too much carbohydrate to keep your HbA1c elevated. Fruit, root veg, tubers, legumes (peas, beans, lentils), milk, grains and cereals all have significant amounts of carbohydrate, as do refined flour and sugar of course. diabetes.org.uk/documents/c...

    Even an excess of protein is easily turned to glucose, so a palm-size or less is a good rule of thumb at most meals.

  • Yes, I know. Thanks. I checked out the LCHF diet. That's pretty much what I am following.

  • Hi I'm new on here, by accident or Fate! Although Anup, I think it may have been you who replied on something I'd put somewhere else several months ago, when I'd said a few years back my doctor had said I was "borderline diabetic" - I know I got the same response from somewhere saying you are or your aren't diabetic!

    I was diagnosed as hypothyroid in UK in 2000 and as the above above "borderline" in France in 2009/10 when I was put on 500mcg Metformine twice daily at same time I'd been taking Levothyroxine for years. A few months after starting the Metformine I had muscle strength loss and used to get easily physically fatigued, I decided to stop taking the Metformine after advice from from a qualified physiotherapist about the reaction between both meds. My husband had taken Met for several years with no adverse reaction - unless you count a triple bypass 8 months after we got here!

    However I ended up suffering from a swollen spleen which was diagnosed end 2012 same time as it was discovered I had a blood disorder and had a Bone Marrow biopsy.

    3 mths later in 2013 a spontaneous brain haemorrhage. Mid 2014 under new medical regime through a move of area here, I was told by a Haemo I had chronic portal hypertension - later told cirrhosis (unspecified) after MRI's and endoscopy so put on a med called Propranolol.

    That messed with my brain so much I had a return of some of the brain injury after-effects, confusion, brain fog etc etc that I also stopped taking that, even after trying several reductions in dosage from 180mg, down to 1x 45mg twice daily.

    As for my "diabetes" I've never been prescribed MetF since I stopped taking it and my HDL / LDL / and Total have all been in normal range every time. I have quarterly blood tests mostly these days for the blood disorder because my r and w cell counts are abnormal,

    It was just the other replies on here that got me thinking I should write this in case the mix Of meds caused others similiar problems.

    I now use drugs.com to check out meds. Labtestsonline, I use to check my blood test results.

    PS I lost weight more through lack of appetite, no decent cooking facilities, above and illness in the end, my Levo controls my metabolism after quite a bit of trial and error to see what dosages worked better with not only TSH, but at my request Free T3 FT4 and Vit B12, also .ferritin and Folate, I was a tiny bit low on B12 OK on others!

    Certainly the less weight helped my joints as far as weight bearing goes, when walking or climbing stairs. As far as the hypertension and cirrhosis is concerned I don't have my next MRI or see the specialist again till April (last seen October).

  • Hi, I have just been diagnosed diabetic, however, my GP refused to take it further and put my high readings down to error and would test me until the readings came down a bit. All the family are diabetic.

    My brother had a heart attack last year due to undiagnosed diabetes and his results were lower than mine.

    I have all the serious symptoms, now my nerve pains may never go and I have them 24/7 and my eyes are bad. Even when the hospital approached me for a pre-diabetes programme and found out the first test I was diabetic, my GP ignore it. However, they have chased her up and the diabetic clinic have taken it out of her hands. My glucose reading on Tuesday was 13/234.

    Now I have to have tests to see if the damage can be reversed. I have just started metformin.

    I also have Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, anytime I am ill my GP says it is Fibro. Also on BP tablets, again as are all the family.

    I haven't been given any equipment but used a friends for a week also with alarming results, I was surprised as had a stomach problem for 6 weeks and only taking one protein shake (special one) and a banana once a day.

  • Hi Iona 467, not sure what 'equipment' you are talking about, do you mean for blood testing sugar levels and or BP.

    If so, these could/should be easily bought by you at your local chemist shop. Take you latest test results with you, have a chat with the head pharmacist or knowledgeable sales assistant in there - then you can keep your own daily records. My husband never tested his blood but we did buy a BP monitor and print off our own record charts on the computer.

    Hope this helps, but I'm sure others with greater Diabetes knowledge than me will come to your rescue. I am aware diabetes can affect sight though. Are you Type 1 or 2?

    You can also check out Metformin against other meds you takeover drugs.com - look for possible side effects and contraindications.

  • yes, it is the blood testing sugar level equipment. I'm new to all this. My two brothers are both diabetic, they told me to change my eating habits, I normally miss meals and then have been feeling very faintish and dizzy, which I thought was from Lupus as my GP was adamant it was not diabetes. I hope Metformin does not make me put on weight or lose my hair as my Lupus meds have done.

  • Just a word of caution, whilst the LCHF diet suits some people it doesn't suit everyone and you should always check with your GP before starting it. I have a problem with some high fat foods and have been advised because of my gallstones and hiatus hernia not to go high fat so I stay low/med fat with the odd high fat treat (keeping my immodium instants to hand).

    Metformin regular can cause tummy problems, it did with me and so I was moved on to the slow release which has never caused me any problems. My levels are now in the "pre-diabetic" range from over 7 when diagnosed 4 years ago. I have cut back on carbs and am exercising more so I will hopefully be under 6 at my next blood test in June.

  • what is the LCHF diet?

  • dietdoctor.com/

    Pl note that blood sugars can also be high if you are on steroids

  • not on steroids now, came off them a year ago or more due to the weight gain and loss of hair.

  • Its low carb high fat. It doesn't suit everyone. I have lowered my carbs but not as low as some do. I try to stay between 100g and 195g a day.

  • I am new to all this and my GP is going to arrange for me to see a dietician for ideas. What sort of carb counter do you use?

  • Yes, I agree with that. I took my diet gently,lost less weight,but am still getting there.

  • Try reading Michael Moseley's 8 week Blood Sugar diet and the recipe book of the same name that goes with it. That is a low carb and high fat diet, which is quite strict for 8 weeks but brings down your blood sugar levels very effectively. I was diagnosed with type 2 in late September and found this diet info on the internet. I bought the books and have stuck with it. The recipes are tasty. I have lowered my blood sugars and lost 10lbs. I have done this with the doctor's approval and hope to save myself from using Metformin and other diabetes drugs. You have to change your diet and stick to it,but your life is worth it. I still need to do more work,but I feel so much better. This may work for you,but in any event you cannot do it without medical advice/support. I wish you all the best.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks.

  • I'm new at this too. I'm not counting carbs, just limiting carbs and sugar. I am scheduled to see a nutritionist therapist and and self management training in February (couple weeks). So far my glucose has been in range (not greater than 126 when I check it before my first meal). I only have to check my glucose once a day before breakfast...many times it's before lunch because that's when I have my first meal.

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