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Type 2 and feet

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Hi all,

I'm new here and pretty new to the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. I'm only on metformin 2 3xaday. I guess my question is when do u go to the gp about your feet? I have really bad dry skin and a section of it has all cracked open and keeps bleeding. It's very painful and I've tried alsorts to clear it up and nothing seems to work, it's been going on about 6 weeks now and still seems to be getting worse rather than better Tia

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Hi Fallingapart2,

Do you have an Endocrinologist for your type 2 Diabetes? What has your blood sugars been like recently? Have they been high consistantly? If a person's blood sugar is consistantly high, then they can have infections and/or other issues (kidney, eye, feet, hand, etc.).

I would suggest you make an appointment and get it checked out. Have you had your annual diabetes health check yet? Feet, eyes, and bloods. If you are worried, it's always best to seek professional help. Have you spoken to your pharmacist? They can usually tell if you need to see your doctor. I truly hope you get a solution soon, especially if it's bleeding.

Call your surgery immediately, explain you situation and get an appointment to see your GP or practice nurse A.S.A.P

It is very easy to pick up infections in your feet so don't delay. Some simple medication will probably solve your problem but if you leave it then the remedy may be more dramatic

Thank you all I appreciate your replies I'll give the doctors a call tomorrow. I have seen the diabetic nurse twice since being diagnosed but I still don't really understand it my bloods are pretty much between 9 and 10 most days at all different times. The blood test from the docs came in at 9.1 so I think that's only a little high from my little understanding. What's an Endocrinologist? Is constant diarrhea a common occurrence too? They said there is an issue with my liver but am waiting on an appointment with a specialist over this and wasn't sure if it's relative to the diabetes?


Endocrinologists deal with Diabetes. Was the 9.1 your A1c?

Sometimes, liver issues are along with Diabetes, but not always. Have you checked out the Fatty Liver and NASH group on HU?

I haven't no I'll have a look thanks, yeah I think that's what the 9.1 was

Ask your doctor what you should aim for as an A1c goal.

Hi I had really bad diarrhoea on metformin even modified ones. It was that bad they were treating me for chrones. I kept telling go it was metformin but they wouldn’t listen. Once they realised it was they changed me to dapagliflozin and diarrhoea stopped overnight after about 6 years on metformin. Go see go and insist they change you. Good luck

I agree with the others that you would be best to see your doc and learn to care for your feet here on out. "Only a little high" is still damaging and the best way to have no excess sugar in your blood is not to put it in your body. If you have these numbers on that dose of metformin, you have a ways to go. Start learning about eating low carb. Remove all forms of sugar and grains from your plate and then learn which veggies are helpful. This will be the most important on going care you can possibly attend.

My partner who is a diabetic has his feet checked every 6 to 8 weeks on the NHS.

I have the same with my feet, before I was diagnosed as type 2 if my feet were cold I couldn't get to sleep had to have bed socks on, now they are the opposite if they get hot they itch are painful and like you get cracks I found that good ole germalene helps, try rubbing some of that in. You should have your feet, eyes tested every year but any trouble in the meantime is worth telling your Nurse about, hope this has helped you Love & Hugs Xx

Having had diabetes for 50 years, as others say your feet condition is serious. Link to top NHS guidance on feet is here - diabetes-cutmyrisks.co.uk/m...

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