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I am a 51 year old male on the 10 December last year my Bloodpreashure was 152 /90 I have lost over a stone started in December tackeing horthorn ,fish oils and horthorn and garlic oils weight still comeing off slower than I would like and started drinking beetroot juice at the end off December Bloodpreashure went down really well two 115 /70 the last week my Bp seams two Be creeping up its ok runs around 125 /78 can anyone give adive on how I could get it 110/70 although I have had some readings 109/68 really want to keep it around that mark got a Bleed reading this morning 150/90 But it's running at around 125 /75 few readings 139/76 eight ish any adive hope I do not end up on the Bloodpreashure tablets eating a good diet walking at least 40 mints most days will increase that in Sumer Thanks

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It seems that the weight loss and supplements are working for you. Good diet and exercise also help. I would say you're on track for good blood pressure readings. Don't get too anxious, test at the same time of day, and not every day. JanR


Yes seams it my Bp was 125/68 today I would not tacke Bloodpreashure tablets off the Dr even if he said to have them which he has not hawthorn,150 3xtimes Daily garlic 2000allin 2 x and fish oils as well as Beetroot juice and ginger Holland and Barets have notice all the cash l have layer out good at this time as a lot off my stuff in the penny sale eg q10 9.99for 30 100mg get another for 1 Penney horthorn 15.99 for 200 150 mg get another for a penny Beetroot juice 4 a pot But hay is my health a


You are doing an excellent job controlling your BP, even if it goes up to 150 from time to time, it really should not be a concern. Keep in mind that God created several natural remedies that control the different areas of our physical and mental health. If your concerns are weight and high blood pressure, research the remedy that works for that specific condition but don't attempt to use them at the same time but rotate them every three months. Also remember that stress raises blood pressure more so than anything else.


Anything? 1g carbohydrate holds about 3g water in the body, adding to blood volume. High-glycaemic carbs (and anomalies such as yoghurt or baked beans) spike IGF-1 levels causing growth of the endothelial linings of arteries, effectively narrowing them.

Narrowed arteries, increased blood volume including excess hormone levels leads to high blood pressure.

The remedy is to only eat sufficient quality carbs to replenish the glycogen we use.


Hi RRBs, I think you are doing a great job, I wish I had had the same results for similar efforts. At 51 you could expect anything under 140/80 to be non life threatening. At least that's what the American docs tell us.

I wanted to tell you that beetroots are very effective for BP reduction especially if eaten with celery. I have this with my lunch everyday, not that I have had as much success as you have had but there is certainly a significant temporary effect.


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